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The stress of teaching my final class is OVAH!!! Woo! Seriously, I was one big bundle of nerves all day yesterday. Oh, and I forgot to print my notes so yeah.... I like to fly by the seat of my pants 🤪 But in more exciting news, YTT graduation is this Saturday!!!! I’m so proud of my fellow YTTers and the places we will go! I can’t thank @wildthingbend enough for making teacher training so memorable and supportive! I can’t believe it’s almost over but so thankful for the journey! 🙏🏼☀️🧘🏻‍♀️

If you loved our Moto Legging this winter, it’s time to spice it up with our mod print exclusive for SUMMER! The Trinity pant fits like a glove with moisture wicking and anti cellulite properties, compression to promote circulation and don't forget our high performance fibers to move with you!
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You cannot develop real character by avoiding adversity and struggle. One’s character will show when faced with adversity. @cyclebar_temecula @shellyfphotos

Spring has sprung 🌸🌷☀️ here at Pheel!
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Enjoy the weather while it lasts! @healthylivingdani_ rocking @pheelstyle apparel 💪

Because your SO close to the weekend 😉
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Memories take us back, dreams take us forward. 🙌
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City Essentials: Form meets Functionality ✔️
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I never thought I would enjoy stretching. I always dreaded it and never thought it was important until I took yoga training. I learned a lot about my body and realized how much my body needed a release. Even if it is 10 minutes first thing in the morning get it in. @shellyfphotos @cyclebar_temecula

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Such an awesome show last night. Loved being surrounded by such amazing friends. Thanks @coleswindell for being so kind and letting us tag along!

Sometimes in order to succeed you need to fail. Overcome your obstacles and face them head on. @cyclebar_temecula @shellyfphotos

Happy April Everyone! ✨ .. Have you checked out our Spring Collection yet!? Brighten up your wardrobe with all of our NEW ARRIVALS! 👏 .. Take a peak during your morning Coffee ☕️
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Happy Tuesday! This week is going by way too slow and we are already ready for Friday! Today we are featuring @builtny and their insulated bottle. We love that it keeps our drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks warm for 8 hours perfect for all seasons. Make sure to check them out #builtny #ad

I have been reluctant to talk about my journey to health on Instagram but I have felt inspired by so many around me to share. I have always battled going up and down with my weight and I gained 40 pounds in my first year of college. One day I saw myself in the mirror and knew I needed to make a change. Life is about making positive changes and continually pushing past what you believe is possible. I knew I had to be happy with who I was first before I could start to make this change. @cyclebar_temecula @shellyfphotos

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Do I need to say more... Schedule this week- Monday-6:30pm hip hop, Tuesday-8:30am, Thursday- 5:30am subbing, 9:45am subbing, and 5pm connect, Saturday-9:30am, Sunday-9:00am @cyclebar_temecula

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