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I'm WHEEZING #hamilton #philiphamilton #georgeeacker #pheacker (credit to I FORGOT )

Bonus: pen doodles from last week
For the first picture:1) I've fallen in #pheacker hell and I don't want to get out
2) Headcanon that Lafayette and Jefferson wear eachother's hairstyle when they sleep.
3)On the bottom left post-it there are some facts about my OCs' life and society so if you want a close up and some explanation just ask.

#pheacker 😩 •


Aw I'm going to hell.
Sue me but I ship it.
#pheacker #PhilipHamilton #GeorgeEaker
//Lawrence on Tumblr I think?\\

Rieut mikiran bobol jaringan :v,tapi untung na sukses oge haha,no kuota no pulsa,download,search,youtube,dll lancar no problem :v #pheacker #likeforlike #instanlike

Ship requestsssss
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Some asshole children for @re_shille 's rebel au!
Full drawing (bc instagram hates me): http://philiasperanzart.tumblr.com/post/165622912791/i-love-george-eacker-sm-what-a-babe
#pheacker #philiphamilton #georgeeacker #hamilton #rebelau

I still haven't finished my Pheacker fanfiction-

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{More Pheacker!❤️}
Philip was dared by Theodosia to put a dress for George, Philip reluctantly put on the dress and walked out of the dressing room, George starred at Philip with loving eyes and bit his lips and walked up to Philip and grabbed his hips "why hello handsome~" George said and picked up Philip and made Philip wrapped his legs around George's waist, Philip almost instantly wrapped his arms and legs around George. "I love you..." George whispered into Philips ear "I love you too..." Philip whispered back. ❤️
#pheacker #philiphamilton #georgeeacker #hamiltonmusical #hamiltonthemusical #hamilton #ham4ham


Some asshole children for @re_shille 's rebel au!
Full drawing (bc instagram hates me): http://philiasperanzart.tumblr.com/post/165622912791/i-love-george-eacker-sm-what-a-babe
#pheacker #philiphamilton #georgeeacker #hamilton #rebelau

Day 30: What Merch Do You Have?
I have a couple shirts:)
If you're from the Explore Page (you're not) Follow me @linmanuelmifanda PLEEEEASSSE!
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philip squirmed in his half slumber, as if he was a child. he tightened his eyes ans furrowed his brows, his dream having a skype ringtone echoing it. he moaned a bit, in tiredness. he flickered his eyelids, until he was squinting at his laptop across the dark room. the blue screen illuminated the darkness, as philip tried to read out what it was saying. // 'Poly Trio Is Calling' \\ philip had a smirk curl on his lips, a small one, but confused thoughts as to why his boyfriends were calling him at 3am. he used his elbow to prop himself up, rubbing his eyes as he crawled out of bed, with his blanket draped over his shoulders. he crawled on the floor to his desk, climbing onto his swivel chair. he turned to the laptop, tiredly answering the call. "huh.." he tilted his head. his eyes widened a bit, as he laid his eyes on georges. "mon amour!" he squeaks. "someone finally answered ze call." he said, a sigh of relief escaping his lips. philip let out a groan. "why are you calling at fucking 3am, babe?" he asked. "im in paris, silly! sorry if i woke you.." he said, rubbing the back of his neck. "ooh yeaa.." philip mentally cursed himself for forgetting his boyfriend was visiting family in paris. "yeah... its okay, nearly slipped my mind. how is it there?" philip asked, smiling a bit. "tRES BIENN!!" georges squeaked. philip sighs as he listened to georges rant about the beautiful eiffel tower, the cathedrals, and his cousins. and of coarse, the delicious baguettes. "—oui! and he was all like-"
"yall, the fuck?" george interrupted. he had now joined the call, also being awoken at 3am.
"georgie!" philip and georges squealed in unison. george let out a chuckle. "what yall doin at 3 in the goddamn mornin?" he asked, focusing the camera on his forehead and eyes, like he was looking down at his phone screen instead of the camera. "oh, georges was like, telling me about paris." philip exclaimed. george chuckles, "how was it?" he asks in his raspy tone. and once again georges rambled until his two lovers grew sleepy again.
"—and then i said 'oui!-" georges paused, to glance at his screen. philip had a pillow on his desk and [cont ⤵]

Whoo hoo, day two. The answer is no one, I love all characters! Yes, even Eacker (I ship #pheacker so sue me)

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