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❄️ Damn I feel like we just painted this the other day... this was a good day teaming up with the 2 guys I entered this spray game with. #phame2dx @justinphame & #smirk2dx @smirk2dx #2dxcrew Prez. This current weather seems to fit the photo well. This was just a small example of how the squad would lace the “behind the gate spots”. Smirk knew every corner of Bushwick like the back of his hand. He’d have Phame and I walk none stop thru the hood aiming for these sneaky behind the gate spots. Lol we’d paint them in the summer behind all the bushes, come winter time all the spots would get uncovered when the leaves fell off. Now that’s strategic as a Mothafucka 🤯.... Good times with my brothers.... #30daysofthrowups #thirtythrows #7of31

Shoutout to my lil bro and, my favorite graffiti writer. We came in the game together being hella toy, and learning the ropes with zero guidance. You've always been level headed, smooth, calm and collected, while I'm the hot headed knuckle head. You taught me a lot about life, graffiti and even taught me a lot about myself. Thank you @justinphame I miss you my dude, we all do. You been a day 1 thru ups and downs, legit.... you my brother from another mother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHAME from the other side of the pond. Peace and blessing Bro. Cheers 🍻#phame2dx

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