❗️Truth Time❗️The unique qualities of water are what make it so very vital to our existence, up to 60% of our physical existence in fact. To consume water that is processed, polluted and distilled can be likened to eating those sad and withered spinach leaves at the bottom of your crisper. They lack nutrients. All of the goodness associated with hydration comes from the calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, silica and potassium of pure water which is why it’s so important to consume quality H2O.
Your readily available drinking water is exposed to a lengthy modification process – one that is well monitored and regulated – but a process that undeniably alters its physical and chemical properties nonetheless.
And so, natural hydration from a healthy source is vital to your health. Be kind to your body and stay naturally well hydrated and nourished 💦

"El que se va mirando la puerta vuelve"
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Te soy honesto,hace rato tengo pensado en llevarme el mundo puesto,siempre me gusto a grabar a bajo prosupuesto,asi se nota mucho mas todo lo huevos puestos.
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un agujero en el cielo

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