@shawnnarenae_ ♥️lookn back at it & u. 😍😍😍😍😍dnt be scurd tho shoot ya shot🔫🔫 #pgf

@shadyshainyy 😊shes prolli too much 4 u too handle wat yall think💯😍😍😍😍#pgf

@1channelonly when ya body on a bean even the mirra gt mean💯😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥😙😙😙thanks for the love #PGF

s/o to the weather forecast for being wrong and forcing us to sweat inside all night 💦⛈

@ridiculously_ree nw js imagine u comn home from work then #BOOM she waitn 4 u like ds ummmm umm good 😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥💯💯#PGF

@lexi_934 (12U) led all #Warriors batting .571 at the #BestOfTheWest #PGF friendly in Long Beach. @kailey_oconnor21 (14U) @brooke_d_20 (14U) & @tayyy_wise (16U) all batted .500 on the weekend at the #ASA qualifier in Twin Creeks! Let’s work!!! 🏆

I couldn’t be more proud of this player right here!!! Tiana was invited to the prospect camp at University of Oregon! We are all rooting for you T! Go kill it!!!

It’s such a beautiful day.The birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing.Go out and make the best of this day.
#PGF #Trusttheprocess #dontsleeponme #SMO

💎Diamond PGF 11 inch Softball.
Contact me for pricing so I can get your team or league the best deal for you.

#pgf #girlsfastpitch #girlsfastpitchsoftball#firecrackers #firecrackersoftball

Copa, mau humor (raríssimo por aqui) e títulos de crédito.
Acordei estranha. Um pouco ansiosa e sem pegada.
O estudo não tá rendendo muito, mas sigo tentando... Amanhã passa.

UPDATE: nada como ouvir uma boa música pra espantar o mau humor. Stevie Wonder, obrigada por trazer alegria ao meu dia! 😉

Love getting my lessons to understand bullet spin vs #truespin on advanced pitches 🙌🏼
Bullet spin with a hard wrist snap & an effective location will #MOVE to the naked eye - but true spin with a hard wrist snap & an effective location will #BREAK 👀
Start recognizing the difference and know how to locate pitches with both bullet vs true spin 😁
Paisleyspitching.com 👩🏼‍💻

Our Independence Day. #pgf #knowyourhistory #juneteenth

Está acontecendo agora mais uma aula do #PGF aqui nos estúdios do PARAR, hoje com o professor David Zini ensinando sobre TCO - Custos vs Resultados.

A tabela do IRPF ninguém lembra de reajustar...😒😒😒

Toda manhã: ✅chimarrão ✅questões (ultimamente com filtro cespe). Eu amo começar meu dia assim. Não consigo ler logo cedo (tenho muito sono). É pouco tempo até começar trabalhar, então consigo resolver em torno de 20 questões (no máximo). Vou alternando as matérias vistas na semana anterior. O suficiente pra começar o dia se sentindo “útil”. ☺️ boooora #concursopublico #cespe #chimarrão #acordarcedo #estudar #pge #pgm #agu #pgf #pfn

⏰⌚️tick-tock!! The 90s called and they have fun slap watches ready to go for your kiddos! $22 and we only have the ones in the photo left in stock. Grab one now, times running out! 🤣
🛍 3 splatter paint, 2 emoji, 2 building block, 1 donut. .
🛍Please comment with Want and your email address, we will send you a Quickbooks invoice. Please pay within 48 hours to secure the item. .
🛍Please let us know if you need it shipped for a $7 flat fee. If not we will email you when the item is ready for porch pickup here in Frisco. Pickup address is on the invoice.
#perfectlygiftedfrisco #pgf #slapwatch #birthdaygift #splatterpaint #emoji #donuts #perfectgift #shopsmall #friscotx

Woohoo my girls team won the berth to PGF! Happy Fathers Day! #thefactorysoftballclub #softball #doberman #dobermansofinstagram #pgf #pgfnationals2018

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