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Ahh the dilemmas of being a dog.

Longer, better, faster, stronger 👌 Going to kill our run next week @andy_ohalloran

Don't forget to grab your copy of the new @lornajaneactive catalogue! (It's in stores tomorrow I think) 😊 #activenation #movenourishbelieve #lornajane

It's market day! ☺🌺

43/365 My gorgeous silhouette in this is @madisonle7 . Reposting this because I miss summer and so does everyone else. I just want to go camping and swim in Lake Michigan and have camp fires and swim and stay up late and catch fireflies and bike around and get sand in my bathing suit and get tan and go to warped tour and be able to reLAX I NEED THAT.

42/365 it was pretty much a miracle to get this picture because Alley basically has panic attack when I try to take pictures of her. 😽 Anyways, I stayed home sick today because of stomach&head aches. I slept until 11 and it was amazing. Now I'm getting another head ache 😩


33/365 yesterday was crazy. I had an amazing and horrible time after school and the lock in I went to was perfect. My friends are the best when it comes to cheering me up.

Leg day :-) @Goodlife

22/365 it's the arctic tundra outside ok. I was going to take pictures outside but it's like 10 degrees and nonononoo. Lol.

17/365 #throwbackthursday I'm seeing all time low tomorrow and I'm freaking excited. My week has been terrible so I reaaalllyyy need this. It's not that exert aspect of my week was terrible. Just the tiredness and terrible hair days and the fact that the guy I like finds me terribly annoying. I need to shower and sleep so bye and stuff

16/365 do you ever have a really good day but you still feel terrible? Ugh.

14/365 had an early release day today so my day was quick and quite wonderful. I wore my hair in a different way and got some complements so that made me happy :D and I took a few pictures outside. :)

11/365 here's my current default. I'm going to go eat some soup. #squaready

6/365 well tomorrow we go back to school and I only have like four hours to do my homework today. Unless I do it after 8:30 which won't go too well but will probably happen. I'm going to go eat some cereal.

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