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namjoon's birthday party still aint over, it's just starting 😝let's get turnt armies which member do yall pick to lap dance on i choose my manz joonie #namjoonsafterparty #namjoonsbirthdaybash #kaisshitisoverparty #nbb18plus #pewdiepieisoverparty

#pewdiepieisoverparty I remember when my brother told me he doesn't watch Felix anymore bc he said that word and i personally don't give a shit bc at the end of the day I'll still like him. I'm not gonna have just spent years watching him to just leave him over some word. Yeah he shouldn't have said it but I SERIOUSLY doubt he said it as a slur towards black people. Of course there isn't an excuse. If you don't like it then you can just leave the fandom. I'm staying with him.

What even is #pewdiepieisoverparty ?? Like yeah its an offensive word and he shouldnt have said it but why the fuck is everyone going mental with this hashtag and unsubbing him and shit like its 1 mistake jesus christ..

I'm tired of pewdie pies fans, this dude can get away with murder as long as he's says sorry 😒😒😒😒 #pewdiepieisoverparty

Spaghetti arms 😂😁😂❤
cr to @classicpewds/ @spoopypewds
song : Talking Body by Tove Lo
#pewdiepieisoverparty #pewdiepie #sisterfister #youtuber #notanimerelated


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