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STORY TIME: So I had a really awesome dream last night where I met Felix (PewDiePie) and his girlfriend Marzia (itscutiepiemarzia). So for some reason they were in my city and not Copenhagen and there were so many fans at the train station and they ran towards them and Marzia got really scared (she's a shy person in real life and she has anxiety) so she immediately jumped behind Felix and I don't know what came over me but I just yelled "Stop you're scaring her! Calm down!" They all were just looking at me and I was kind of surprised that I said that, I don't know but I just had the feeling of like protecting a friend? Then Felix of course took photos and signed shirts and what not while I was talking with Marzia and I could just see that she was still all over the place but she kept thanking me for standing up for her. Then Felix came over and thanked me again and then they wanted me to show them around in the city but suddenly Marzia felt sick so they went back but then Felix came back and I showed him around and it was so much fun! After a couple of hours we went back to where they stayed and I said thank you for an awesome day, took a couple of photos with him, got an autograph and got a hug and then he went back inside to Marzia. I was just so happy in my dream because I finally met him and Marzia which I never thought would happen but.. Then I woke up and realized it was all just a dream and then I just laid there in my bed being so disappointed and sad. I will never ever meet them πŸ˜” #IHadAnAwesomeDream #FelixAndMarzia #PewDiePieAndCutiePieMarzia #MyDreamWillNeverComeTrue #IWillNeverMeetThem #SoSad


Do the cumberbitches feel the same way I do? Or have you lost control of your love as I soon will

Look at his cute lil face OMFG HE IS 26 RUE

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Have you had a nice day? Yes? - Yay! ❀️ No? - I'm sorry πŸ˜”β€οΈ *hugs*.
Anyway, see u tomorrow! Bye!~ ^_^ | Fei πŸ’ {#cutiepiemarzia #marzisbisognin #pewdiepie #felixkjellberg #felixandmarzia #pewdiepieandcutiepiemarzia #kickthepj}

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