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Too close .... mommy 😚

Wally used to tell Suki she was the most "utopian bunny" he's ever seen. He wasn't exactly using the word correctly, but he felt very strongly that no other word so perfectly described her. (And he even looked through all of his old vocabulary quizzes that he'd saved from second grade.) Suki asked me yesterday if she's still a utopian bunny now that Wally's gone. 😢 I told her that she'll always be a utopian bunny. She wanted to be sure that "Wally& #39;s followers" agree. Please feel free to leave Suki a comment below. 😉

From @gentrykhomolik: "Love my lil buddy ❤️" #cutepetclub

Up until just this past weekend, this was me too scared to go down stairs! Thanks to our Stowe pug sitter @ericaciaraldi, I'm no cowardly lion anymore! 🦁 -Milo💛

Here I come! My hair looks so bouncy in this 😂❤ #slowmo

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I want to kiss her little snooter 💕 #saiyvainethemouse #cymharleyslitter
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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  @ourgoldenlions
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