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Anyone curious as to what I feed my girls? Oxbow is their main source of food and I make sure they have plenty at all times. I also give them a seed mix containing: wheat, rice, oats (rolled, steel cut, and regular grains), spelt, barley, buckwheat, millet, red and white quinoa, rice krispies, cheerios, and banana chips. I give them pasta as well: orzo and bowties, sometimes I make them cooked pasta too! I give them fresh fruits and vegtables pretty often including: grapes, blueberries, apples, broccoli, carrots, and ripe bananas so far. Their favorite is broccoli. 😁 For treats I give them Gerber baby puffs. Sometimes I buy them rice pops but they're gone within a few hours (the small ones that is).
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"Lay in the grass like there's no tomorrow" ~Diego

Happy #NationalPoemDay ! Here is "The Doorstop Dog"⠀

The bathroom door⠀

Is open wide⠀

There lies Boomer⠀

On his side.⠀

The tiles are cool⠀

In Southern heat,⠀

A perfect place⠀

For a dog so sweet.⠀

He’s 20 pounds,⠀

A smallish dog⠀

Against the door⠀

Sleeps like a log.⠀

But there are times⠀

I need for sure⠀

Some privacy –⠀

To close the door.⠀

So down I reach⠀

To slide him round⠀

In clockwise move.⠀

He makes no sound.⠀

I close the door⠀

Past his behind⠀

Then swing him back;⠀

He does not mind.⠀

When I am done,⠀

I slide him more⠀

Just far enough⠀

To open the door.⠀

And there he sleeps⠀

As if in fog⠀

Content to be⠀

My doorstop dog.⠀

Use our #SniffandBarkens hashtag and enter our contests to make it on our page! #poem #poems #poemday #dogpoem ==>By Pam Desloges

¡Hoy nos llego un paquete de @lapraderaonline y subimos nuestro primer video al canal de youtube! 📦🌾🐹💕 Si quieres verlo visita el enlace que esta en nuestro perfil😊 Espero que os guste, soy muy novata grabando y editando😅 #Aiden #LosBichejos

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