Agoura, CA – Introducing Elote! Elote (ID A5217429) is a kind rooster who was found abandoned. He would make a perfect companion and/or addition to your flock of hens or addition to your bachelor flock! Please consider opening your heart to him, and providing him a happy, no-kill, forever home he deserves!
*If you adopt him, please let Adopt a Bird Network know!
*Birds cannot be shipped, they must be adopted in person
Agoura Animal Care Center // Agoura, CA // Hours: Mon-Thurs 12-7 and Fri-Sun 10-5. Closed holidays. // (818) 991-0071 // 29525 Agoura Rd

Happy News! This is sweet Sebastian from the Santa Maria shelter, who is now safely at @pacificwaterfowl until she finds her forever home with someone special. Speaking of special, she is a special needs duck.

Happy T O N G U E out T U E S D A Y 🤪

Some of you may not know i was born with a small heart murmur as i have got older it has got bigger and its time to find out how i can live a longer life so today ive gone in to have my heart check over finger crossed im all okay ❤

Noisiest flat faced kitty i have ever meet 😆
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When mom takes pictures of me with the box thing, it reminds me that cats are much smarter than humans.

アムねーたん @1126mon のマネして
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Thank you to my buddies 💙
@odin_freyja and
for tagging me in #10thingsaboutme and #10factsaboutme
Here goes....
1. I love to go on car rides. I can spend a whole day in the car & be totally chill.
2. I love the fresh air blowing through my fur as I ride in our Jeep with the doors off. Don’t worry, I’m safely & securely harnessed to the seatbelt when I go on these rides.
3. I love sitting in the basket of my meowmy’s bicycle as we go beach cruisin’.
4. I was found under a deck as a tiny kitten with my littermate Torti. @krumpy_krump We were together until last year. She now lives with hooman sister, but still visits.
5. My meowmy and hooman sisters rescued so many kittens that Summer and Fall. Meowmy said they weren’t keeping any, so we all got generic names so they wouldn’t get attached! Lol My name was Tabs for about the first 4 months of my life. Torti’s name stuck.
6. I’m a derpy, doofus, very talkative mama’s boy.
7. I just got microchipped and my annual vaccines. I purred the whole time! I am a major purrer.
8. I love to be brushed! I will nuzzle the brush like mad! But don’t touch my belly. I’ll try to flip over and get away.
9. I am quite the avid hunter. I catch ants, flies and moths. Sometimes the occasional spider. Sometimes I get bit or stung on my lip and get a red fat lip.
10. Secretly I love Bunny, @rare_and_stealthy from a distance. I love all other kitties including Cinnamon @the.cinnamon.bun and Pippin @pippy_the_whale who are my sisfurs in our home. Bunny lives with my hooman sisfur because she likes to be the only cat. When we see each other she gets super offended thinking she’s losing her single child status, so it ends up be a hissy good time! And of course you all know my other hooman sister has Clementine @clumsy_clementine810 Torti @krumpy_krump and Hunter @e_cat_cat I love all my sisfurs. 💕💐

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