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Dear Friends,

With deep sorrow and a heavy heart I share with you this sad news. My handsome and sweet boy Einstein left us today for heaven. He gave us 12 wonderful years of joy and happiness and blessed us with his unconditional love. We miss him a lot and things are not going to be the same here at our home.

For me Einstein opened doors of friendship especially here at Instagram. Even though I never met most of you, you all made both Einstein and me feel special. I thank everyone for their support and love over the years.
Please always remember the legend who touched your heart .... My Einstein


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I see no good reason to act my age - Einstein

Patience is a Virtue - Teddy in Austin

Visiting Tuxedo in Austin - he is sweet, handsome and loves to kiss right on the lips every single chance he gets - lover boy !

"Dad, You said one more snow storm before the spring ... Where is it?"

...I belong to you
And you
You belong to me too
You make my life complete
You make me feel so sweet...

TMZ News :: Abominable Snowdog Spotted on Ski Vacay in Vermont

Einstein's Weekend Special - The grey's tell the age, the stare shows the determination, the face ... Well I could just cuddle up with this big guy whole day

Einstein camouflaging his grey's in the snow ...... I don't see him anymore, do you??

Einstein Chronicles:: #ThrowBackThursday -----------------------------------------------
A blast from the past. -----------------------------------------------
Year 2005, the legend in making, the attitude, the stare, the absolute awesomeness.... As you can see, nothing has changed except the priceless grey on his face

Yup! I would like to be left alone ... No shower, no cleaning, no pedi, no mani, just a country boy in his natural state ... dirty, rough, tough and yet huggable

Einstein's favorite holiday song "All I want for Christmas is ... SNOW ❄️❄️❄️"

Einstein as the "Fall" ... Ready for trick or treat (a bit HDR in the shot)

Yes, we all get it... only if you guys could talk...will never hear the end of it

Einstein brings his rain soaked muddy paws in and when questioned, his response .... Because you know I'm all about that paws,
'Bout that paws 'bout that paws, no treble
I'm all 'bout that paws, 'bout that paws, no treble. ......
Yeah it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two
But I can shake it, shake it like I'm supposed to do
'Cause I got that boom boom that all the girls chase....

TGIF - all I want to do is chill out and enjoy the weekend - Tuxedo style

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