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I remember joining @maxmedialab as if it were only yesterday 🙈 Being an international grad student with the constant visa changes in the government always left me feeling somewhat stressed. Today, I am so incredibly humbled to be heading up the content department where I'm surrounded by so many talented creatives on the daily... ✨🖥🙌🏼
P.s New @vogueaustralia office details now up 😉📸

This here in my hands is a contract. Signed and scanned and suddenly all official. So I can finally share the news: I’m writing a book!!!!! This has long been a dream of mine. Since I could first form sentences I’ve been writing stories—my imagination running wild in all of the little worlds I would create. So I always thought it would be a fiction novel, maybe a little bit of fantasy. But I couldn't shake the feeling that a memoir might be in me too. The truth is, I come from a whole line of authors—most notably my grandfather and father. Writers who published memoirs after having lived out extraordinary tales. My grandfather, The Wild Colonial Boy and my father, The Man in Motion. And now, after having birthed two beautiful boys, I find myself with this story spilling out of me—a story that I know I’m meant to tell in full.
So, this book is becoming a reality. I’ll be taking the rest of the year to work on the manuscript and I can’t wait to share this journey with you guys. I know in writing this book deep healing will begin. And I hope that this book will heal others too.

The LBD always needed ✔️

One of my husband's friends just bought this gift for baby boy. I'm in love. Can't wait to dress and cuddle the little mister. 😙
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My little girl gang. Which will soon become my girl gang plus our bodyguard (aka baby brother ☺️).

Today called for a nice warm milk bath to help clear his poor wee nose and dribble rash from all that baby drool. 🛀


We made it through Monday! I think as a reward, we should all get gorgeous bedrooms like this one by @crispinteriors 😍⠀
SO here is your chance to win the bedroom of your dreams!⠀
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The amount of editing I've managed to cram into the past 24 hours is impressive even to me. I never tire of it.

Do you ever overestimate how easy or quick a project will be, then it ends up being oh, about 4 times harder than you thought?
I have done that SO many times.
I'm happy to say this project was not one of those. 😄
I managed to sew TWO rash guards in one day, and it was definitely a quick project.
I used Shwin&Shwin's #anytimeatalltee pattern, and I'm happy to say that I like it. I just might be sewing my boys a stack of these to get us through this coming school year. Not in swim wear fabric of course. That would be weird. 😉

Which is your favorite, stripes or stars?

Hoping for a slowish, boring, uneventful Tuesday. I could definitely use one of those right now. 😌☕️

Super excited that my garden is absolutely exploding this year. Making the switch from containers to raised beds has been 💯. Just made tomato and cucumber salad with all homegrown, organic vegetables and herbs.

This kid. I don't know what's going on with him. He seems to be going through a "naked phase" because the last few days he has been stripping off his clothes and diaper. Then he throws away his diaper (which is usually dry) and just goes back to playing with toys like it's perfectly normal 😮.
And Travis and I keep chasing him around the house to put his clothes back on, but he just takes them off again!
Last night, he took off his clothes, held out his arms, and exclaimed, "No troll left behind!" in his 2-year-old way 🙌 😂. We weren't even watching the Troll movie, though! 🙈 He's a hot mess. 😆

The cutest mini Piggies headed out this morning 🌴 These bold summer brights are just too good!!!!

Start each day with a grateful heart. 💜
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Morning, the day is calling...📞#happytuesday

Honey's always friggin glowing during shoots!!! 🌟⭐️ I love girls and uplifting other girls during shoots and just wanna say thank you to anybody for looking at any of my photos so far. I find this art to be so incredibly fantastic but also such a pillar of comfort in times of darkness. Every comment of encouragement is a step forward for me 🌼💫⚡️🌟🌙✨🌞🌛

Just another palm pic

Taking in all of the magic @chelseakauai #parkermanagement

Promise that I do own an iron 🙈 In other news, little Isabella had her Leaver's Mass today....was preparing for tears but think we've coped surprisingly well! Three in high school now 🙈

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