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A serious thank you to everyone who helped support our fundraiser by getting a @domainedupaws x Sprout Charity Pin... $1,150 (all proceeds + a lil extra) was donated yesterday to the National Brussels Griffon Rescue!!! I hope you all rock your pins with pride 🤘🏻💚🌱 a special thank you to @domainedupaws for being such a wonderful partner and a generally awesome, socially aware business 💚 #proudsproutie

You know that moment in every ghost movie where the homeowner finds a photo of someone that used to live in the haunted house they just bought? Just once I want the picture to be this and to have an entire movie about a ghost dog. Constant scratching on doors at night so they can come in and out, heavy breathing all around as you eat, children playing fetch with seemingly no one...that's what I want.
*Cough @warnerbrosentertainment cough*

Gene Simmons who?

Its 12.30 PM, so what? I can pee some other day.

тося со мной не разговаривает 🤷🏻‍♀️девочки едут в санаторий - к тете ане и дяде андрею 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻тося в курсе и обижена 😜🤣


Today mom and dad (and all the other hoomens I like to bite, hehe) celebrated that I finally lost my piranha teeth🐾🐾

Talk it out before you walk it out.


When mummy's teasing you with your toy and you're pretending not to care but actually your pissed 😡 #griffon #petitbrabancon #griffonlovers #smushyfacecrew #velcrodog #instagriff #dog #dogsofnz #dogsofinstagram #nz #cute #auckland #monkey #beautiful #instadog #mean #play #pretend #meanmummy

This is the best Mom can do so far. She's totally failing in the photography department!

After walk🐾🐶💖

What's that now?

Taking a nap with my teddybear.
Gotta Love those naps! 💤💤

Там абсолютно точно есть гриффон.
В Балтийске сегодня проливной дождь, только и осталось, что есть и спать.

One happy SpiderPug 😚

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