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I just wanna say happy birthday to my older brother who has been taken from us 9 1/2 yrs ago all I wanted was u here w me by my side thru errythin but ur life got cut short not only was it cut short I was left w a little memory of us n I am hurt for the rest of my life when God called u home I couldn't bear the pain I was just only 7 yrs old when that man took ur life from u but I need u here today w me to teach me errythin I need to know in life like honestly from the stories mommy n daddy told me u seem to be a great big brother n I wanted to see that n all mommy n daddy keep sayin is it's their fault that u died bc they should have told u to come stay w us but it's not their fault it's the man's fault that took ur life bc he didn't want to talk it out w u so u would still be here I think abt how much fun it would be if u where here but I'm endin this rite here I love u so much brother 😘😘😍😍💙💙 R.I.P Lul Pierre #Petesworld

Happy birthday to my brother man a nigga really miss you out here I can't write a paragraph cause I'll start crying but anyways happy birthday to my brother love you 💉🙏🏽 #RipPete #PetesWorld #gonebutneverforgotten #HappyGDay

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