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LOVE MORE art by @petertunneyart @wynwoodmiami celebrating our 11th anniversary #miami #wynwoodwalls #love #streetart #petertunney

Amici II -- THE BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT IN NYC ❤️🇮🇹 #AmiciII #LadiesThatLunch #ItHasJustBegun #PeterTunney #ILoveYouJohn

Love. #petertunney

| Mediterranean Content | "During the first six weeks of 2016, 410 people drowned out the 80,000 crossing the eastern Mediterranean" www.unhcr.org
People! Children, women, men with names history and hopes. While we see people dying in the ocean the far right parties enjoy renewed popularity throughout Europe. The world is out of joint. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups #never #resistracism

Spraypaint on an old airplane door that was found in the catacombs of Peter Tunney's Soho studio.
Made this present for the generous and always busy Mr. Peter Tunney.
Thanks again @petertunneyart and the whole #petertunney crew for having us and for taking such good care! #case_maclaim #powerofmovement
Special thanks to Ian and @sarah_sperling @montanacans and @montanacans_usa
Thanks to @sakiwaki and @joshuabgeyer for support! See you guys soon

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT it's #ARTWALK #miami #wynwood #wynwoodwalls #petertunney

Jumping in with @pichiavo at wynwood. It was my picture originally but @petertunneyart asked me to jump in the shot.... so I guess it makes it his photograph. #esmio #petertunney #pichiavo #pichiavoart

A friend in Miami just saw this in a gallery and texted me a picture. After my time with "fearless girl", I felt it was a sign, literally! I love it, and just bought it for myself! When @spanx was around 4 or 5 years old, I vividly remember buying myself my first piece of "real art." It was a piece by @toddmurphy101 . I've been working 24/7 for years and hadn't really bought myself anything. My brother @fordblakely used to call me with lists of things I should buy with my new success (a boat, a flat screen tv, a trip anywhere where there were waves etc...) many of the things, scratch that... all the things, on the list were really things he wanted for himself disguised as things he thought I should have... typical little bro. 😂 But I got the message loud and clear. Pull up, enjoy the hard work, and treat yourself. This piece of art will be another symbol to myself of the rewards for pushing myself when I was scared, working when I was exhausted, not giving up when everyone told me no, standing again after grief and profound setbacks, and, most of all, persevering toward my dream of helping women. I'm sure my brother will be bummed that it's another piece of art- I'm sure he's still holding out for a trip with waves. #TreatYourself #BeFearless #PeterTunney


Reminds me of NYC to come across displays by #petertunney and other artists #artwalk #wynwoodwalls #miami #streetarteverywhere #motivationalquotes

I'm busy for the rest of my life ☎️ #wynwoodartsdistrict #petertunney

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