This post is for Palestine. 8 years ago I travelled to Egypt and took a long bus ride to Palestine. After 5 hours of interrogation, we were finally allowed into “Israel”. We took a bus to Tel Aviv and checked into our hostel. We shared a room with a few European tourists, they were there to chill and party, we were there to observe. We went to a Reggae party filled with Israeli youths chanting down Babylon, not knowing they ARE Babylon.

I sat next to an IDF soldier on a bus ride who insisted Arabs were animals. I nodded and agreed. He was pleased. We crashed a wedding in Nazareth, flirted our way out of checkpoints with Israeli soldiers, chilled in Ramallah and argued in Jerusalem.

My flip flops ripped in Tel Aviv, I walked into a restaurant with a shoe in my hand. I looked at the owner and couldn’t tell if he was Israeli or Palestinian. Turns out the brother was Jordanian. He called his brother in law, an 18 years old kid from Brooklyn with a strong American accent. He came to the rescue with a pair of flip flops and a warm vibe. When we went to Jerusalem, we stayed with his family. We didn’t know them but we felt at home. They offered us everything they had, including fresh Palestinian cheese and veggies from their garden every morning. I tried to lay off the Labneh but I couldn’t bro.

I read yesterday that @airbnb is removing listings in the occupied West Bank. Which means that if you’re Israeli living in occupied territory you can’t make extra cash by renting your place on Airbnb. It’s a small victory that makes me so happy and I can only hope that we can boycott the shit out of this occupation. Too damn wicked and too damn greedy, may we all get what we deserve. Behave your damn self Israël, this is almost over, what you trippen for?

Negril: Eric Gale, Cedric Brooks, Richard Tee, Peter Tosh, ‘Family Man’ Barrett and Joe Higgs (Micron Music Limited/Esoldun 1975/1992)
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I want to say a happy earthstrong day to @ms__tosh aka Peter Tosh's daughter. But mi very very late mon to congrate you 🤣❤
When a seed is planted in the ground, the fruit is of that seed. Bob's father was a white man, that makes Bob a white man. Peter, "Chris Whiteworst." true, true. Here's is an part from the interview from your diplomatic father with Roger Steffens, Los Angeles, California, USA 22 August 1983.
Where he was speaking about the Wailers and that he was an original wailer during the earlier days. WOW, he attacked Carly and Tyrone Downie and became so upset. And still angry about the segmigation from Chris Blackwell aka Whiteworst.
Chris Blackwell is the founder of Island Records, and a white man that been grew up in Jamaica. But he accepted Bob, because he was white too. Peter was so very pissed and hated Chris for his mistreats against him. That's why the whole band was broke up in late 73. In 1974 it was called "Bob Marley & The Wailers" and Bob had formed a new band. Without Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, but some new bandmembers.
He seem so defensive and angry.

Because as a wailer, you have to cry. Seen? Cause it means to go through troubles, humilations, temptations, aggregation and police brutality. How many are been through that? How many are been to jail? How many are been humilated? And how many are been executed? So him come with claims, because him was playing with Bob Marley. Because Bob Marley was not a wailer neither. Bob Marley was Bob Marley, and that's how he wanted to be. And he had it that way, because it was The Wailers before the segmigation came with Chris Whiteworst. In London, 1973. Seen? And he was the one who agreed or stimulated the thought of having this idea "Bob Marley & The Wailers." - Peter Tosh
Bob was happy to sell his soul to Chris Blackwell. Peter seen the badness and hateness in Blackwell so split. Blackwell used Bob & made millions out of him. That's why brother @petertosh was very upset with the agreement from Chris Whiteworst to call it "Bob Marley & The Wailers." BIG UP to the Bush Doctor for giving better information to the world ❤💛💚

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It's nice that it's legal now, but I don't like how commercially regulated and corporate it has become. Remember, we are talking about a plant that grows so easily that it's called weed. And now it's being sold for $10 and up per gram before tax. Not sure this is what Peter Tosh had in mind.

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@petertosh - I am that I am (1977)
Un clásico tema de la mejor época reggae.
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“Wanted Alive” - (Peter Tosh portrait)
Woke up this morning
With a funny funny feelin'
And that feelin'
Was an unusual feelin'
Inna my bone yeah
It inna my blood
Inna my toes
Coming up to my brain
Went to the doctor
To check out what's matter
I Went to the doctor
To find out the matter
Doctor said son
You have a Reggaemylitis
I said, "What"
Doctor said son
You have a Reggaemylitis
Is it contagious
Is it outrageous
Is it vicious
Or is it dangerous
Inna mi bones
Inna me blood
From my toes
Up to my brain
I can feel it inna my bones
Inna my ankle
From my toes
Up to my brain
Is it incurable
It's fit for desirable
It isn't curable
Fit for desirable
I have it inna my toes
Inna my ankles
Inna my knees
Up to my waist
Under mi ribs
Across mi shoulder
Inna mi finger
Up to my brain
Reggaemylitis I say...
You only catch it one way
It's reggaemylitis I say
Sometimes your temperature
It really gets higher
And the music
Sets your soul on fire
Got it inna my toes
Inna my knees
Inna my ankles
Inna my waist
Inna my heart
Inna my soul
Inna my mind
Come through my mouth
Inna my finger
Registered in my brain -
(Songwriter: Peter Tosh) #petertosh #reggaemylitis #wanteddreadandalive #reggaeroyalty #reggaelegend #reggaemusic #rastafari #reggae #ilovereggae

😎 .420 Lift. 😲

Johnny b good 🇯🇲 Peter Tosh Ver. #playyardbystudiobar #petertosh

While I can’t be sure, I do think that this was the fourth album in my reggae collection in high school. I played the hell out of this copy and it sounds like it, in the best of ways. I always thought that Tosh was the Wailer with the edge, he was a stepping razor. PETER TOSH: Equal Rights/ Columbia Records 34670 US 1977. #petertosh #alanderson #bunnywailer #slydunbar #robbieshakespeare #reggae #reggaevinyl #rootsreggae #vinyloftheday #nowplaying #ontheofficeturntable #nowplaying

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Downpresser Man
Peter Tosh
(...) You gonna run to Jah
Beggin' to hide you
All, all along that day
And I said: Downpresser man
Where you gonna run to?
Where you gonna run to, downpresser man?
Where you gonna run to?
I said all along
All along, along that day, downpresser man
Wait, downpresser man
Where you gonna run to?
Downpresser man
I don't know where you gonna run to
All along that day
Downpresser man
You can't run, you can't bribe Jah Jah
Can't call Him in a bar
Fe can drink some
Devil soup
Can't bribe Him to run a car now
Can't test Him faith
Downpresser man
Where you gonna run to?
Downpresser man
You can't bribe no one
Them no want no money
Them run'f money
That money get funny
Downpresser man
S here''
Jah nos mantenha em Resistência Espiritual diante do Vampiro Babilônia hj 20/Nov e sempre!! RASTAFÁRI

Let the record show that I rate AND write about Ishawna in the latest issue of Jamaica Journal. 🎆
Big up @mslegendary and Steppin Razor #PeterTosh
Always in.
Always on.
More to come.
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im not in this world
to live up to your
neither are you here
to live up to mine. •
i don't owe no one
no obligation
no, i don't mean none
so everything is
fine, fine, fine. •
i said
i am that i am
i am
i am
i am. - peter tosh.

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