(Part 1) Peterson Automotive Museum Los Angeles, California- so one of the very first horseless carriages ever made. Also one of the very first Lowrider cars ever made called the Gypsy Rose, the yellow van from the movie Little Miss Sunshine, the car Christine from the Stephen King movie Christine, the pink car is from one of the fast and furious movies, and of course the most famous the DeLorean car from Back to the Future. The DeLorean car is the actual “Hero” car used in all 3 Films and took a year to restore. #petersoncarmuseum #littlemisssunshine #fastandfurious #Christine #StephenkingsChristine #DeLorean #backtothefuture #cars #carmuseum #disney #justforfun

Lighting McQueen for the little one #petersoncarmuseum

Today we went to the Car Musuem in LA! When I first moved to California, I used to live right by here and would pass it almost every day but I never went! Years later, we finally checked it out!

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