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Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration (2014) #1
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Part 8|| It was Harrison! “Hey Tom and... Y/n!!! Wow it’s so cool to meet you. I have seen so many of the movies you are in!”
“It’s good to meet you too Harrison!”
“Ok ok Harrison stop fan girling over y/n and show us around your new apartment so we can help you get organized.”
“I wasn’t... ok I’ll give you the tour.” Tom and I followed Harrison into his apartment. There was quite a few boxes that had to be opened and emptied out. We started unpacking when I hear my phone start to ring. “Sorry I have to get this it’s Andrew.” I sat to Tom and Harrison. I walked out of the room we were in and into the empty kitchen. “Hello Andrew what’s up?”
“Hey babe just wanted to talk. What are you doing right now?” “Helping Harrison Osterfield in pack his new apartment he is one of Toms friends.”
“Is Tom there too?”
“Yah he is. Why?”
“I don’t like you hanging out with him. I thought you knew that.” “I do but can’t I have friends. Andrew you can’t be the only guy in my life.”
“Why can’t I be? Y/n I don’t want you to keep hanging out with him. Next thing I know you will start to be interested in him and that can’t happen. I want you to go home now.” “No Andrew I can not just leave right now. You know what I don’t think this relationship can last very much longer with you being like this. I think we should take a break.” “Fine.”
“Find.” I hung up.
Toms p.o.v “Sorry I have to get this it’s Andrew.” Y/n said and then left. “Who’s Andrew?” Harrison asked.
“Y/n boyfriend.”
“Wait so you like a girl that is in a relationship that’s messed dude.” “I don’t like her. She’s just a friend.”
“You keep telling your self that Tom. But to be honest you would be a cute couple.” I started to think about y/n. Her cute smile. The way she flipped her hair when she laughed. Her beautiful eyes that I could look into all day. Wait Tom stop she has a boyfriend. I heard footsteps as y/n walked back to the room. I looked up and saw tears brimming her eyes.
What will happen when Tom find out you and Andrew are in a break?
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✨PART 15✨
Exposed. The precious love you both had dearly shared, only with each other, was exposed. “Y/N! Y/N! Is it true you and Tom have sealed the deal?” someone yells. Your mind was racing, your heart was throbbing in your ears. You couldn’t move. You tried with all your might, but you were frozen, with your feet glued to the ground. “Y/N! Rumor has it you and Tom have been dating since 2016! Can you confirm?!” another yells. You look over to Tom with a cry of help plastered across your face, but he only responds with a smile. ‘What the hell? How is he handling this so well?’ You think to yourself. He wraps his right arm around your waist and pulls you in closer to him. “Please everyone, my girlfriend and I will not be answering questions today.” Tom states, firmly and gazes at you with eyes of lust. The crowd roars with more remarks. Appalled, your breathing increases, making you feel light, but you just force a smile and let it happen. After a never ending ninety seconds of the media invading your life, Tom leads you through the mountains of paparazzi and into the limo. You just sit there and stare blankly at the seats for another deafening minute, trying to take in all that has happened and attempt to keep your composure. “Tom. What the fuck was that?” You demand. ”What do you mean, love?” He replies, innocently. “Cut the bullshit, Tom!” You yell, “Why did you just announce to the whole world that we’re together?” “Aren’t we? Isn’t that what you wanted? An ‘us’?!” He exclaims. “Did... did *you* call the paparazzi?...” You mutter, in fear of what the answer might be. Hesitation; you could see it softly written all over his face, from his dark eyes to his anxious lips to even his furrowed eyebrows. It was just like the ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch — hard to see but easy to read. “...Yes,” He finally says, sighing, “..I did.”


as some of you may know, i prompsoed to jacob through dms. he still hasn't seen it so i was hoping i could post about it here and that you guys could tag him maybe? if you do, i'll pay you with my everlasting lovE💫💛

@anesthetize_cosplay and @yegspidey. Raimi suit was modified by myself and completed by @yegspidey. He finished the suit himself as it was just sitting in my shop for nearly a year. Local boys and solid cosplayers. #thwipbros
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