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In the second part of the interview with @exceptionalalien Sibylla talk about what inspire her. Slide the pictures.


I think getting out of your comfort zone, exploring, meeting people from different cultures broadens you. I think most actors are like kids, they have that fascination and that goes hand in hand with travel.


I go to Barts books in Ojai (which is an hour out of LA). I sit on the ground and read for hours. I also love the Los Feliz library.

To see theatre I go to The Geffen, but keep an ear out for other smaller things. To be honest just getting out of the house in LA to do something is a victory in itself.

The arc light to see movies. Point Dume to swim, drag my feet through the sand and talk to the seals.

The rides at Santa Monica Pier to just to let go and the view is fabulous. The Grammy Museum or LACMA.


Yes, because that’s who you are and I think most people in LA find Australians endearing. People also like to guess where you are from, so it gives you an edge.
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Sibylla recently did a interview with the famous website #ExceptionaLAlien (@exceptionalalien) Everyday I will share a segment of the interview with curiosities, funny facts and pictures of the beloved aussie actress @sibylladeen

Curiosity motivated me to travel. The moving part was never planned, it just kind of happened.

I’ll drink three espressos ☕ before I do most things. When I’m home in LA I love to do house work, sweep the floors, do my washing. I know, you think I’m mad… but it’s rare. I really like my washing machine. I have to do some press interviews for my movie that is about to come out. I will go up the hill to the Beachwood Cafe for eggs. Might walk the reservoir or up to the Hollywood sign. See friends, have more coffee.
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Sibylla during a recording session of her last movie in the streets of Bradford, UK. She looks so GORGEOUS, isn't she? 😍
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one year ago 😱 #Repost
Haha 😂 Mon El {2.13} #Supergirl #Season2 #MonEl #KaraDanvers #Mxyzptlk #ChrisWood #MelissaBenoist #PeterGadiot @christophrwood @supergirlcw @melissabenoist @peter_gn
. . . .
-Mxyzptlk: 'Tout d'abord occupons nous de l'ambiance. Bougies.'
-Kara : 'Vous êtes qui ?'
-Mxyzptlk: 'Ensuite, musique.'
-Kara : 'C'est quoi ce bordel ?'
-Mxyzptlk: 'Ensuite, les fleurs. Et pour la pièce de résistance, la bague. Kara, mon poussin, c'est comme je le disais je suis ta seule et véritable âme soeur, ton autre paire comme disent les jeunes. Je m'appelle Mxyzptlk et je t'aime Kara Zor-El. Dis moi....Veux tu m'épouser ? Je peux t'offrir un monde ! [référence à la chanson d'Aladdin]'
-Mon-El : 'Hey minute ! Je sais pas comment tu as débarqué sur cette planète, mais elle est avec moi'
-Mxyzptlk: 'L'autre prétendant. Je ne t'avais pas remarqué, grand, sombre et transparent. Tu n'es presque pas là mon rival romantique. L'invisibilité te va bien, jouons sur tes points forts !'
-J'Onn : '..........Mon-El'
-Mon-El : 'Hey ! Hey ! Je vais le tuer'

[Supergirl 2x13]
I love how J’onn isn’t even surprised with this crap at this point 😂
Edit: doesn’t it look kinda like Dark Swan (from OUAT) is behind him in that last pic?😂
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Happy birthday Mrs. @JaneDeen wish you many, many years of health, love, happiness, peace and joy between your beautiful family and friends. Many blessings ALWAYS. 🎂 🎁 🎈 🎉 🎊 ♥
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Have you seen Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? I can't be the only one who loves it so much! 😂 tell mee
. .
[Once Upon a Time in Wonderland • 1x02]
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Happy Valentines Day. Let's all celebrate endless friendship and love. For a better world ❤
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You know I like to take pieces of videos and put them all together with a couple of effects, and mash it up with music (that comes to my mind in the moment I'm building the video). So this time I did #HotterThanHell a hit by #DuaLipa. #LiesWeTell have nothing to do with this, this is just fan made for entertainment. Hope you like it :)
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I finally saw "Lies We Tell" by myself. I recommend you; if you're able go and watch it on the #cinema. If not, it's available in #DigitalHD. Because the movie worth it. It's simply breathtaking. I rate it with (5) stars: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
If you have already watch it, tell me your opinion.
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What will you do this weekend? Have you seen #LiesWeTell? If not, there's good news for you. #LiesWeTell is available on cinemas but ALSO in Digital HD on iTunes, Microsoft, Google Play, Sky Tv, and many more platforms.
Here's where:
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You can't lose this chance.
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Happy 26th Birthday Avan @jogia 🎂 🎁 🎈 🎉 (swipe 👉) Many, many blessings for you. My sincere admiration to you has an actor and human being.
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Já assistiram?
Série: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.
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We already know to who Britney gave the snake 🐍 back then in 2001 😂 #JustForFun @sibylladeen
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