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Ready for the series finale??

What do you think of this parallel?
ib: @daxenerys!

#Dragonstone who is your favorite character APART from Dany, Jon or Tyrion? Mine's Jorah The Andal & Theon Greyjoy ✌🏻

#MaisieWilliams 🔥🖤
2016 or 2017?
She looked flawless on both #GameOfThrones Premieres, but 2016 is my fav! 😻

The best cast❤😍

"Game of Thrones is complicated"

Credits @universeofthrones

Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂 || Follow @game.of.thrones.2017

Tonight. #BeyondtheWall


You know nothing, Gendry 💀

Imagine how much cooler she would look with purple eye contacts on the show. 😻

"Porta tus defectos como un distintivo de honor" #peterdinklage #GOT #gameofthrones

Which one is you?🤔


C'mon, you fucker... 🔥🔥🔥

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I hope the hound lives through season 8 as well.

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