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‌پ.ن : یکی از عکس‌های قشنگ😍😞‌ ‌
💥‌بحث درمورد قسمت دوم،در هشتگ #بحث_قسمت_دو 💥

‌‌‌‌🍀اگر هنوز قسمت دوم فصل هفت رو ندیدید،حتما از کانال ما دانلودش کنید🍀 لینک کانال در بیو🍀اگر لینک واستون مشکل داره،کافیه توی تلگرام اسم ما gotfacts_ir رو سرچ کنید🍀 ‌‌

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The King in the North!

Arya wasn't the only one who got to eat some hot pie in episode 2 😏

What did you think of the episode?

What are your thoughts on episode 2?! #Stormborn

50 shades of Greyworm 😂


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I never liked dany and I will never do. She is flawed af. I like how Varys protected himself and stood his ground. Its probably the first time Varys raised his voice. I truly hate how arrogant and power hungry dany is for the throne , which has blinded her. Varys did what he needed to do to survive, the same way Tyrion did what had to be done, but Dany didn't really understand the situation that varys was in. Tyrion even mentioned that Varys is the main reason that Dany wasn't killed in her crib as a baby. I know that varys sent assassins to kill her, but he was forced to do so. Telling him to inform her if she makes a bad decision was a nice action tho. I also hated how she invited Jon to dragonstone so that he would "bend the knee". There is no way this is gonna happen since the North is an independent kingdom now and the northeners will never forgive him. Also, its not the way of Jon. At least I am curious to see how their meeting and conversation will go when she meets Jon. Thank God she has Tyrion by her side , otherwise, they would have just attacked King's Landing straight away and lost all their army along with the dragons. I'm glad that the show has showed us that conquering westeros isn't as easy as it seems and it needs a great strategical mind (like Tyrion) to make it happen.
Brace yourselves. Debates are coming 👇👇

Some details from episode 2, including the Dragon Skulls, Tyrion's letter to Jon, Sam's letter to Jon, Jorah's letter to Daenerys, and the book Samwell used to treat Jorah's greyscale. 🎬
From makinggameofthrones.com

▪ [ 7.02 ] ▪ ⚠ S P O I L E R ⚠
Don't start to attack me for spoilers. I warned you all in bio, after two days I make edits about the new episodes. + I'm not the only one who posts them. I don't put a first picture like spoiler alert and then the edit, I don't want to 'cause I don't like the idea. I hope you'll like the edit and the new filter anyway. It's really simple tho. Leave your opinion below if you want, I would appreciate it a lot.💕
Now, let's talk about the episode.
So, for me it was an incredible episode, I loved it so much! Daenerys annoyed me a little bit sometimes, same Sansa. Tho I loved her part where she talks about Tyrion. Who's waiting for their reunion?🙌me. I loved all the Arya scenes, absolutely. I hope we'll get to see Nymeria again.😭 all because of the CGI. We didn't get to see Ghost in a while. Like, seriously? We want more direwolves, D&D. I don't care if you loves the dragons more. We want both. At least, I want both of them. Not just dragons.😂 Btw, everyone are hating Theon like if there's no tomorrow. Calm down. Of course Yara is his sister, he did a mistake, but he's been through a lot because of Ramsay's torture. He will probably go to Daenerys and save Yara anyway. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED JON AND LITTLEFINGER SCENE. GO JON!
I'll continue to talk with you in the comments 'cause this caption is getting boring for you all. So, bye.

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Me meo😂 Sobretodo cuando le toca a Varys JAJAJA
Son geniales tanto actuando como en persona👑❤

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