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When I first started my journey only a month in, I was in the gym one night and I gave up on my workout. I was tired, and I just wanted to leave the gym. A gentleman, complete stranger saw that but he spoke to me and said "your body will give up way before your mind does. KEEP GOING" I could of responded I can't but SINCE HE WAS WATCHING ME.. I finished my workout on a whole other level. That moment stayed with me for my entire journey.
Do I fall? Yes but guess what, I wasn't made for the ground. I GET RIGHT BACK UP AND REACH FOR THE STARS 💫
Need help? Want to know what I did or how I did it? READ the next few lines...
I went on the #30DayTransformationTeam site 👉🏾www.30DayTransformationTeam.com 👈🏾 clicked "GET STARTED" ,received a CUSTOMIZED plan specifically for MY GOALS and BODY, follow my plan, and check in w/my awesome trainers, @lutherfreeman and @kathy_drayton, EVERY week...THAT'S IT!!!! Yes, they also have an amazing #vegan , #pescatarian , and #vegetarian plan! Yes, you get both meal and workout! Check your spam/junk mail if you're still waiting for a response. Questions on prices and ANY other questions, go to the site.

Back in August, for humanitarian reasons and health reasons, I became a pescatarian (a vegetarian that will eat fish... I probably eat fish 2x/month). I knew I lost weight, my shorts and jeans fit better, but didn't truly notice until I put this dress on yesterday. .
.I never try to push my opinions on people, but maybe becoming a vegetarian or a pescatarian might be an option for you if you want to lose weight. I make healthier eating choices and it feels nice that I'm not eating dead animals. #pescatarian #notanad #freeadvice

Tonight's Sunday night dinner was pan seared sablefish in an olive oil, lemon, white wine and caper sauce with wild rice, Broccoli, asparagus and spinach. So yummy 😋😋 Have a great night!

Just a little #TransformationTuesday to follow up a #MotivationMonday trying to make it to a #WomanCrushWednesday lol March 3rd on the left March 22nd on the Right.... think it's safe to say these inches are falling off and my Body is getting a NICE lil Shape 😌 lol those are the same pants n both pics so it no lie lol arm circumference decreasing (I hate my fat arms) tummy getting flatter, Face less round and Plump! 🙌🏽 lol still a ways to go But I see the Difference 😍✌🏾💜🌍 #growth #fitness #atlanta #organics #pescatarian #healthylifestyle #HealthyMind #healthishappiness #healthiswealth #NoIDontWorkoutEveryday #BeingTerriJ #BeBlessed #Abs2017 #Lafitness

When Meat-less Monday and Taco Tuesday have a delicious love child!

I whipped up my fave 10-min vegan taco-less taco bowl tonight, and this is one meat-free meal that even my kiddies get in the fiesta spirit for! 🌮

Red peppers, avocado, shallots, Mexican veggie ground, vegan cheese and sour cream, a dash of hot sauce, and capers...nomnomnom! Not bad for being the anti-chef!

RP @occupy_your_mind -
I am vegan because my life is no more valuable than ANYONE else's ....Veganism IS NOT elitism but rather, quite the opposite 👏🏽
RP @gary.francione -
A purported objection to veganism I’ve heard about 12 million times: “But veganism is elitist.” What complete nonsense.

Elitism involves promoting a perceived superiority of some sort. It involves the idea of according less moral value to the “inferior.” As 2 seconds of thinking make clear, veganism is *not* elitist in *any* way. On the contrary. Veganism is about rejecting the idea that it’s morally acceptable to exploit sentient non-humans because *they* are “inferior.” Nonvegans believe in the “inferiority” of animals. It is *they* who embrace elitism.

Should a #vegan believe that s/he is “better than” or “superior” to a non-vegan? No, Of course not. It’s not about judging people; it’s about evaluating the morality of conduct.

Is the vegan ethic of egalitarianism better than or superior to the position that it is morally acceptable to exploit the vulnerable? Yes, of course it is. A moral position is always better than an immoral one. A position that protects fundamental rights is always better than one that violates fundamental rights.

To say that veganism is “elitist” is like saying that thinking that all humans are equal morally is “elitist.” The next time someone tells you that veganism is “elitist,” take that opportunity to educate that person in a creative, nonviolent way that the *opposite* is true.

Gary L. Francione

Blog post: Is Veganism Elitist? No. But Nonveganism Is!

• Be fair • Be vegan • Educate others •
➡ WhatTheHealthFilm.com ➡ GoVeganWorld.com ➡ ComfortablyUnaware.com ➡ BeFairBeVegan.com ➡ BiteSizeVegan.com ➡ FreeFromHarm.org ---------------------------------------------------------🍃
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For all you #pescatarian and #meatlovers
#Repost @mediaoutrage1
@Regrann from @balleralert - Restaurants Continue to Fool Customers By Selling Cheap Fish Disguised as Lobster-blogged by @thereal__bee
A report from #InsideEdition has revealed that many restaurants are ripping customers off by serving them cheap imitation lobster instead of the real thing. The report found that more than 1/3 of the restaurants they examined across the country served cheap seafood disguised as lobster.For the test, #InsideEdition examined 28 different restaurants, from #RedLobster all the way to mom-and-pop restaurants. The team ordered lobster dishes from each restaurant and sent the meat to a lab for DNA testing.From testing lobster samples from three different Red Lobster locations, the results determined that one sample featured just langostino—a “less expensive seafood more closely related to a hermit crab than lobster”—while the remaining samples were a mix of lobster and langostino. A spokesperson for #RedLobster admitted that the food was not 100% lobster, claiming that the langostino used was due to the “seasonality and availability” of lobster. The spokesperson also mentioned that the bisque dish can often contain Maine lobster, or langostino, or both.Unfortunately this is not the 1st time restaurants have been called out for being too frugal. Last year, 9 sushi restaurants in California were called out for selling lobster rolls that didn't include any actual lobster. Instead, they used cheap fish like crawfish and pollock to fool customers. - #regrann #Mediaoutrage #blackhealth #blackhealthmatters

Listening to your hunger sounds like it should be simple- after all, we do it instinctively from the day we are born. But when you've eroded your instincts from years of disordered eating and ignoring the cues, it's difficult to gauge how much, when, and what to eat to satisfy yourself. Yesterday I was a bottomless pit- today I'm constipated, bloated, and have zero motivation to eat. So do I listen to those nonexistent hunger cues and not nourish myself? Obviously not- and it's so stupid how ED can manipulate you. "If you are hungry, it doesn't matter- you can't eat above your minimum" is the thought when I have days like yesterday. "Listen to your body- it doesn't want food, you're not hungry at all!" was the thought all throughout today. I still ate what I needed to. Having no hunger and still eating sucks, but the only way to get consistent cues back is to eat no matter what I feel like, physically or emotionally. For now, its mind over matter, but one day I hope that my body will be reliable- and my mind will be receptive- in telling me what it needs and when it needs it. Hope everyone has a great night 💕
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Thank god I don't have to hunt and forage for my food. I don't even know where tacos live! 🤷🏻‍♀️🌮❤️


Breakfast: vanilla & strawberry quark
Today is a rough day already. I feel so dead and I just don't wanna leave bed. I ate and got back to bed and I'm really just in mood to go back to sleep now. I hate waking up like this..

Prawn cocktail, red slaw and homemade bread. I can finally make a prawn cocktail taste just like its crisp counterpart! And with low fat mayo you don't feel too naughty
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Drink your greens 💚 #luludetox

Sorry Nabeta Fish... My Japanese instincts tell me that you're too delicious for me to go full vegetarian. 😛🍽🐟 #jbskitchen #nabeta #koreanfood #wailuku #maui #pescatarian #noms

Our scallops are served with our special Chippers sauce, mushrooms and mash! Chippers' this month's favourite 😋 Fancy us some scallops #scallops

i'a poke sf

Yesterdays dinner 😍 seabass fillets with lentils, pesto, veg & fennel 👌🏼💕

Post workout ✅ 2 salmon fillets seasoned with chilli powder, ginger, sea salt, pepper, mixed herbs. With crispy kale @lucybeecoconut and vegetable egg rice from uncle bens. Quick and easy meal in 15 mins. #leanin15 #salmon #fats #protein #blogger #instafood #fitchef #fitfood #foodie #foodism #fitfam #fitspo #bodybuilding #mealprep #dinnertime #postworkout #kale #veggies #meatfree #nutrition #wellneas #lovefood #followme #fitnessjourney #paleo #pescatarian #fitnesslifestyle

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