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😊 Te quiero mucho pesau, gracias por las risas, la confianza, las caricias y tu forma de hacerme olvidar los problemas. 💞
Pd: te prometo qué estaremos juntos en la playita 🐚

Días Sendoos😚😳 #instachile #adidas #pesau


Y nos fuimos pa' Madrid, ayyyy sin remordimiento 🎧💃🏽😊❤ - Rumbo a Madrid con el amor de mi vida 🦁 #osodefondo #guapeton #sinprisas #pesau @mariaverdejo

No siento lo que digo, digo lo que siento.

Cuando viene de visitas mi oto regalón 😍😍🐭🐭 #coballafeliz #otoride #pesau
#regalon 😍⚡



Dengan dibukanya Jepang kepada peradaban barat oleh Komodor Perry di pertengahan abad 19 dan Restorasi Meiji, pembuatan pedang jepang tradisional hampir saja punah. Kaisar Meiji melarang pemakaian pedang dan menghapuskan kasta samurai … DENGAN DEMIKIAN, SEMUA PEDANG SETELAH TAHUN 1876 BUKAN LAGI DISEBUT PEDANG SAMURAI … karena setelah tahun itu TIDAK ADA LAGI SAMURAI DI JEPANG.
#sword #pedang #pesau #samurai #jepang #kaisar #kesatria #pahlawan #pasirbesi #karbonsteel #senjata

My whole life, or at least, since I can remember, i’ve been involved in sports, exercise, fitness... year after year, month after month... even in a day by day basis a new challenge awaits, either because I asked for it or because life just threw it at me no questions asked. If there’s one thing I’m sure of is that as scary as it can be I’ll try my best to plant my feet as steady as I can on the ground and face it head up. Yeah, I can be fit or strong, it can be always or at some point in my life, but still I don’t think that’s what matters at the end of the day. Whatever is motivating you IS what matters, if your heart is into it, that’s what matters, if you body is asking for it because it makes you feel unbelievably accelerated and stress free, that’s what matters. I always try to find a role model, someone that can motivate me even on my worst days and for a long time now I’ve followed her 👉🏽 @hannaheden_fitness owner of @pumpfit_club Today I planted a new challenge on my way, I wanted to meet her, but not just meet her, I wanted to actually go through one of her killer workouts and enjoy every second of it, every moment of pain, ever sweat drop, every “out of breath moment” to prove to myself that whatever I set my mind to I can achieve. (Also just because I FREAKING LOVE THIS) However, always keeping in mind who helped me along the process and what pushed me at that moment in time. @juliannys you were supposed to be here with me, but don’t worry i made sure to mention you at least 100 times 🙊. Today I was totally a nervous Nelly, but as soon as I entered PumpFit Club I new I was gonna’ love every second of it... and so I did. My upper body is still burning up and i’m still just as excited as when I called to reserve my spot on the 7:30am class... Yes I slept with my workout clothes on and yes I woke up at 5am (I actually didn’t sleep at all) to get my butt to that gym and find my moment of peace. I am so totally grateful for today... and the best is yet to come. #pumpfitclub #thegrind #dreams #goals #mindblown #happy #morningworkout #pumpedaf #hannaheden #fortlauderdale #pesau #meduelehastaelpelo #canwedothisagain #workhardplayhard

#Pesau inai ku 💖💙

Te amo con todo mi corazón♡ @beatdown.h8 #bro #pesau #oreo #kawaii

Cuando viene de visitas mi oto regalón 😍😍🐭🐭 #coballafeliz #otoride #pesau
#regalon 😍⚡

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