This online world is often our highlight reel, rather than our behind the scene reality.
How are you going with comparison and competition? #theboardroomretreat

People follow people. That's what I discovered (well, remembered) at the Perth Writer's Week when I found myself going to all the talks by humorous Aussie writer Graeme Simsion (best known for his hit novel 'The Rosie Project'). .
Sometimes aspiring authors ask me: "What book will sell?", hoping there is a magic formula for picking a topic to guarantee their success. .
The answer is: any book topic can sell if it's written with style and passion (and marketed properly). .
The most important thing for an author to focus on is developing their writing voice...because that's what causes people to follow you. .
For me, Graeme Simsion has a really fun and compelling writing voice, and because of that I'd probably buy any book he writes, regardless of the topic. I follow him rather than the content of his books. .
This is why your best investment toward writing a book that sells well is to spend time writing to develop your voice...even if you don't have a book idea yet!
P.S. I'm enjoying the festival talks from a beanbag...comfort and creativity can go together!
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What do you think about this quote from @elizabeth_gilbert_writer

Flat white, Eggs Bene and a new book written to help people with 10 tips to publish their story.
Somebody Needs Your Story.
Includes details of my publisher, editor and designer.
Making it super easy for you to get all the information you need in a simple downloadable format, with space and a question in each chapter to apply what tip is given.
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Vin Diesel and insecurity!

Does it get in your way? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Our online course
Anger and Insecurity
Launches on October 1. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Do you ever feel insecure?

I love this quote so much when it comes to insecurity, overcompensating by control and taking ourselves too seriously.
Cannot wait to hear all your reviews and feedback from our first online course launching over on @theboardroomretreat
Emotional Roadblocks; Anger and Insecurity.
What does this quote inspire in you? #theboardroomretreat

A new book launches tonight to our wise one subscribers over on Patreon from our founder @amandaviviers
Somebody needs your story: writing, publishing and blogging.
10 tips on writing, publishing and blogging from Amanda to help you get started to release the stories that hold you captivated.
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Emotional Roadblocks; Anger and Insecurity.
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New words on the dot com

Linked above.
About small changes we are making in our house that is changing everything.

Embracing all them self doubt feelings!
New course launching online at @theboardroomretreat
Emotional Roadblocks.
Anger and Insecurity. #theboardroomretreat

New ebooks launched on our website ready for all our new customers to buy.
Anne Galambosi is a Business owner, Clinical psychologist, Mother and Grandmother. In the midst of this full and crazy life, lately she has found three keys to contentment that have changed her life.

Letting go of being famous.

Letting go of past hurts.

And letting go of control.

Who wants some more contentment in their life?
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Finding focus in a world of distraction.
Do you often feel distracted and dissatisfied?

Are you seeking a life, work and family?

This simple daybook is designed to help give you simple questions and reflections to help you find goals and focus.
We all need a reset. Time to turn everything off and begin again. Finding a fresh perspective to help bring back motivation and vision.
Only a few copies of the printed version left and a download version available.
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First print out of our course booklet that comes with our online course;

Emotional Roadblocks;
Anger and Insecurity
It is a editable PDF so you can print it out for yourself or your team. Or you can email out and the user can write into the booklet on their devices.
We are creating content for our online community to use our professional and personal development for their team and or personally.

Whilst on air on radio yesterday this little book landed on my desk. There was something about its title that filled me with courage.
The writers life sounds so fancy. But my friends it ain’t fancy in anyway. It’s showing up to a blank page and fighting a battle of clarity.
It’s a dance with focus and making friends with our surprising and fleeting surety.
It’s believing in yourself one day and being thrown by a story the next.
It’s a marathon internally before even one word is typed on a page. Then suddenly a flood of inspiration pours through light soaked curtains and you need to run!
Tell me stories about your writing ecosystem friends?
Use this hashtag #writemakecreate and let’s encourage one another.
@kazziej7 It’s been a big week and you made me smile so deep by lending me this.

Listening to the news yesterday I heard the latest statistics from the recent naplan results in Australia.
Overall our writing and comprehension skills of primary aged children are drastically waning.
Whether you think naplan is helpful or not, culturally we do know that screens, keyboards and stylists are replacing pens and paper.
I love watching my children discover new things with technology, but not at the demise of the beauty of ink.
I personally have had to take myself back to paper and to begin to write physically again.
Each time we write with a pen and paper, the connection between our heart and clarity grows.
When was the last time you sought perspective for your current situation by journalling?
When was the last time you had a personal retreat where you explored your current circumstances through writing?
I believe that writing connects your heart with clarity.
I think that space creates perspective for new opportunities to surface in our everyday.
I know that every time I surrender to the pain of silence and reflection I am always so grateful on the other side.

When do you write?
Tell me your stories... #writemakecreate
My reset daybook questions were designed with you in mind. Available to download above.

I’m off to the city this morning to do two back to back workshops for the city of Belmont and the Small Businesses Association in social media.
But I’m still thinking about Sunday morning and the amazing women’s eyes that I could see in the crowd and their stories that were so palpable.
What do you see?
What are you holding?
And what do you need to release?

@lotusutol this picture is amazing. Thankyou for capturing the words and your creativity.

What leadership quote should go on our felt board?
What is inspiring you as a leader currently?

Who took the time to reset this winter?
Free download for our subscribers over on Patreon. #theboardroomretreat

Is it just me or has she grown up overnight?
Friday’s are for dancing and new words over on my blog about laughter, parenting and raucous tears in the hospital with my Granma. #writemakecreate

Linked in my profile is my latest blog published today.
The art of not taking ourselves so seriously.
Made up words.
Comedy and being told to be quiet in the ICU with my Granma.
Laughter truly is medicine.
Come have a read. #writemakecreate

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