Donkey kicks! Not sure if this is the actual name for them but it's what I have always called them. So good to feel the butt burn 🔥 .
I've done a couple of different variations in this video so you can have a play with them and see which ones feel good for you. Legs bent, legs straight, one direction or three?
Add in some squats or lunges and really fell the burn!
Let me know your favourites!!
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Russian volume 4D for Eden🧚🏻‍♀️🌸 Lashes by Etylash. Why choose Etylash do your lashes?
✅Amazing long lasting lashes with great reviews
✅High quality
✅Correct isolation ✅No damage to natural lashes
✅Handmade Fans
✅Customised designs how suited your eyes
🔥🔥Limited spots available next week🔥🔥
Booking online or visit more information on my website etylash.com.au or Facebook page www.facebook.com/Etylash
Text me on 0431378701 for any inquiries

TIME | Hands up if you feel like you just don't have enough time to do everything that needs to be done for your business. It can be overwhelming when you need to do ALL THE THINGS, but if there are things that other people could do for you, look at outsourcing them if it makes sense. I can write your blog content for you, freeing you up to run your business and do the things that you do best!
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BEFORE & AFTER #environskincare
This is a result from using good skincare alone. Call or text 0488 100 266 to book a complimentary consultation. Please try to book in advance x
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When your body is dehydrated, you produce less saliva, which is what usually cleans your mouth from any lingering bacteria that causes those unwanted odors. So keep your breath fresh & your body happy by keeping hydrated!

Reason n# 3748 of why I love @mardieco_perth 💕 .
So we had a quick meeting yesterday for our wedding to sort out some ceremony details, and we started chatting about what roles our families will play throughout our wedding day 👰 .
We started reminiscing about Tamara & Mark's wedding from 2 years ago, when Mark's brother sang Tamara down the aisle with the most beautiful voice! 🎤
And how Mark sang and played Tamara a song at the reception, and THEN... they sung to each other during their first dance!!! 😱💃
It was magical, unique and so memorable ❤️❤️❤️
So since I have my first wedding of the season on Saturday (YAY! 🙌), I've been reminiscing on some really memorable weddings and the things my Couples incorporated to really make it their own👌
From the top, Claudia & Nick who decided one ceremony wasn't enough, so they opted for two! 💒 The first one in a Catholic church, and the second one at the Greek Orthodox church to honour both of their families and backgrounds 🇮🇹🇬🇷 .
Secondly Joanne & Gareth who made sure to have a really early ceremony so we could drive 45mins to get photos with their horse Ernie, then drive 45mins back. That's what I call dedication to including the fur kids on your wedding day! 💯 I loved every minute of it! He even wore a tux!!! A tux! On a horse!!! 🐴
Next Tamara and Mark, and lastly, my beautiful Bride Lisa, who's a school teacher and invited all her students to her ceremony to Paul. Then the kids greeted them outside the church waving streamers at the newlyweds. 🤵🏻👰🏻
So, Mardie, thank you for the inspiration for this post! 💗
And to all my upcoming Couples, let's create more really memorable and unique moments on your wedding day! You have some extra inspiration now 😘

It’s hotting up and the sun has been out these past couple of days. Don’t forget to get that sunscreen on and remember to re-apply! #sunsafety #themoderndrperth {📷 Pinterest}

Guess what?
We are setting up shop-trying something new!
This wouldn’t be possible without your support & I can’t wait to share this journey with you. We are currently moving stock into our new home in the Bon Marche Arcade, Perth!
Opening hours to be announced ❤️

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Ageing of our skin and our bodies is hugely affected by what we put into them, as well as our lifestyles and habits. Smoking is an especially bad habit but so difficult to overcome due to the power of the nicotine addiction. ➰

Not only does it affect the quality of your skin making it dehydrated and paper thin. Wrinkles and lines are far more pronounced in a smokers skin. Smoking has a huge impact on our immune responses and can delay the healing process our vital organs as well as our skin needs to rejuvenate. ➰

When you are considering cosmetic treatments it’s important for it to be part of a lifestyle change to not only improve what’s on the outside but improve your overall health and well-being from the inside. ➰

For more advice about quitting smoking speak to your GP or come and have a chat with me @ Brighton Beach Medical Centre for help and support through this process. #drfatimavindhani {📷 pintrest}

Some of us mistakenly think that fashion is only about clothes 👚👗👠👟but if we dig a bit deeper - isn’t it about everything in our lives❓
Aren’t we renovating our houses according to latest technological inventions? Aren’t we having Google homes/Alexas because it’s fashionable😉? Aren’t lots of people supporting sustainable life approach because living sustainable have become a recent trend😳? Isn’t it trendy to have an electric car 🚗? Don’t dislike fashion😉it’s not a bad thing😉 it’s something that constantly evolves and gives us chance to enjoy things...but isn’t it what we want in life❓

Oh, the simplicity.
Via // @sphere_collective + @chosenbyoneday

Corporate catering for Dan Murphy.

The places we go and the odd topics we chat about during Frideeds. 🍎 🍏 🍎

I’ve decided that I’m a broadcaster rather than a journalist because in journalism you can’t be biased and I’m 100% bias when it comes to featuring tributes. 🙊
Monika is someone I’ll definitely throw a few adjectives in front of because this clever gal changed my life. Well not really. 🙊Just certain aspects of it. 😝
I love the values and meaning embedded into Monika’s work as a stylist. 👗
In this interview she shares psychological interpretations behind styling, how to style yourself confident and a whole heap more. 🤦‍♀️
Monika’s interview will be up tomorrow night. 😁

Why do Influencers get such a bad rap? 🤩
Maybe it's because the likes of the Kardashian/Jenner clan and other celebrities have the balls to charge crazy money for simply holding up a product next to their face and smiling with a caption that reads more like a marketing brief than a personal review. Yep, for this kind of "influencer marketing" you could look at spending $100,000+ in fact Kylie has charged $1m for a single post! 🤯
But if you engage with Influencers the right way, you'll develop relationships with a group of people who's followers are engaged and interested enough in your product/service to actually BUY from you, which let's face it is the aim of the game right? 😉
The best bit, if you work with the right kind of Influencers you will pay next to nothing to get them to promote your brand to their followers 💸
Sound too good to be true? Check out my four part video series dedicated to helping you nail this part of your strategy (click the link in my bio) 👆🏼👆🏼

Our Wrinkle Relaxers Type B (Allergan Premium Products) are now only $11 a unit everyday! Starting from $110 a treatment!! #antiaging #freshface #lovetheskinyourein #wrinkles #wrinklerelaxers #allergan #injectables

Sleep deprivation and tiredness can affect how you look and feel. Ageing needs to be targeted from the inside and out. So if you are not sleeping well or enough you will look tired and aged. ➰
I have always struggled with sleeping and it’s always been erratic with me but the last few nights I have had the best sleep and this has been all down to my lovely husband @dradeelmunshi who has been treating me with acupuncture. The needles go in and I feel naturally sleepy. Once the treatment is complete I have been getting straight into bed and have been out for the count almost immediately and sleeping straight through. ➰
Acupuncture has me feeling great #drfatimavindhani

👌🏻I am healthy and strong 💪🏻
Repeat it. To yourself. Often. Believe it. Because you are.
You can be as healthy as you like in your body, but it means nothing if you don't believe it in your mind.
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#kindness is always the best strategy - in business and in life ❤️💪
None of us can control what others will do but we can always control how we react
Be conscious of this today and let me know how your day is different 😍🙌
Thanks @howtobeabetterman for sharing RP 📸
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