This toast! 🤤🤤 from Pachi Pachi looks amazing! 📷: @perth.foodie

Is B3 in your routine? It probably should be!
A powerhouse ingredient for brightening and hydrating your skin!
✔Reduces & prevents pigment
✔Reduces redness & inflammation
✔Improves oil flow & prevents pimples
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I scream, you scream...🍦

What's for dessert? Obviously Sedap Place's fluffy roti with thick condensed milk!

Shamelessly plugging our other side project!
If you've got something broken, come and get it fixed 🔨✂️🔧🔩 If you've got mad fixing skills, come help in return for coffee, chocolate, smiles & hugs 😋

If none of the above, we'll have garden play, toys, bag making, colouring in, music and excellent chat at a zero waste event - what's not to love!
Facebook event has more details http://goo.gl/nAvMTo and there's a very fresh Instagram you can follow 😄 @repairlab.wembley

If you want to help or have a business that would make a perfect partner contact repairlab.wembley@gmail.com

Thank you :) As you were...

I feel privileged to have worked in so many dynamic realms including primary schools, prisons, for people with disabilities, and at the Qantas business class transit lounge for @BodhiJSpa It’s so rewarding helping people to relax in such a tranquil enclave at the airport! And a bit ironic seeing as though I’m always jetsetting 😉

Calling all Residents!
Residents Association Meeting:

Come down to learn more about the estate. Open to all Residents of Whitby at the Whitby Sales Centre.

When: Wednesday, 27th June 2018 at 6.30pm 
Where: Whitby Sales Centre #whitby #whitbytown

Such a beautiful winters day 💙 #loveperthlife #blueskies

Ahh the humble pizza slice. 🍕
Our farmers market caters to all the vegetarians out there, involving fire roasted red capsicum, grilled zucchini, garlic baked pumpkin, mozzarella and topped with an in-house made Beetroot purée and yoghurt dollops.
Thanks also to the @_theaftergrogblog for the epic pic. 📸

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