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|| G L A S S W A R E || we aren’t just all about the feast. We also have our own stock of beautiful Plumm glassware, cutlery and crockery. Plus a huge array of styling and functional items you’ll need for your party. What this means for you is a one stop shop and less people to deal with! Call our office to chat about your next event 9279 9225 xx

❤️Heart explosion ❤️ A little sneak peek of this stunning couple from their wedding day with us last Saturday at @nedlandsyachtclub by the very clever @thedayweddings .

My heart was so full seeing and listening to how happy these two were with their day.

I can't wait to see the rest of the photos 😍

Celebrant I @wa_wedding_celebrant
Florals I @greenvaseflowersperth
Hire & Style I @timber_and_lace_co

50 and fabulous indeed, happy birthday Michelle! I think sometimes the best work is done when you have a close deadline. Nothing since uni has changed 🙊#sweetlicakes #perthcakes #instadaily #50andfabulous #perthcreative #perthflowers #perthbakers

Mind my giant face!! 🤗
This was our @noraandelle_bridal open day a couple of weeks ago and omgggg have I been busy ever since 💤
These girls (& more, not pictured!) saved.our.ASSES!! 🙌🏼💯
We were run off our feet - 102 people through our doors over 2 HUGE days 🥂👯
And ever since I have been chasing my tail, whilst also planning a collaborative styled shoot which is happening TOMORROW 🤩 #saaaaexcited
Who’s planned a styled shoot before? 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve done a few and by this stage I’m always cursing myself for ever getting involved BUT by tomorrow evening I’ll be like, so when’s the next one happening? 😫😂 SO.MUCH.FUN ... SO.MUCH.TALENT ❣️
Keep an eye on Nora & Elle’s story for BTS tomorrow ✌🏼😚

BEYOND excited to share this aaaamazing snippet of our Open Day, produced by the gorgeous duo @thebrideatlas 🙌🏼🤩
If you haven’t come check out our new boutique, you’re missing out - and here’s 45 seconds of why ✌🏼👯🥂

Tell someone how you really feel about them with our Terracotta Maxi Succulent Bowl 😍 this beauty is filled to the brim with bright and beautiful succulents 💚 and it comes with a FREE punny gift tag of your choice ☺️ www.lovegrowsperth.com

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N E W // 🎊 our 'Let's Cook Up a Storm' Hampers are now available in Mexican Theme 🌮🌯🇲🇽 these babies come in a super cute wooden crate complete with a beautifully illustrated Mexican street food book, apron, wooden herb box and relishes 💚 order now at 👉🏻 www.lovegrowsperth.com

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A little lovely 💕

Fresh flowers. 😍 💐

I've never been good at taking instruction and I certainly can't count with my fingers, the number of times I've been warned not to reinvent the wheel. And although this always seemed to really frustrate the people around me (especially teachers) I wouldn't be who or where I am now if I hadn't done all of this self exploration. This drive is what keeps me exploring and experimenting and finding new things, that make me go WOW. There is a never ending list of things I want to test and tinker with and I am so so happy to have learnt the skills I have as they allow me to keep exploring concepts that interest me.
These little petris are all from a clover. From left to right we have the full flower, the leaves, parts of the flower (I'm calling them seed heads but I'm not a biologist) and the flower casing 😍😍. I kept seeing these on my drive around the Swan Valley in late spring and decided to finally stop and pick some ( because, well they are weeds, I think and they looked fluffy so I wanted to know more) and fell in love. I wouldn't know that such beauty was growing right on the side of the road and further more what it looked like in resin if I hadn't tried to reinvent the wheel again.
These are still available as a set if you would like to DM me or as individuals which will go online on Saturday.

A beautiful day with beautiful people working with beautiful blooms! Today, I am feeling like a very lucky girl to have found such amazing souls to call my friends and partners... some exciting news is on the horizon.. but for now here are the precious blooms I was lucky to play with this afternoon with @a_littlebohemia

Blooms for one of our very favs @designdevotee

ABOUT GEORGIA (post 3/3) Georgia AKA G

I’m the excel ninja of the team or the nerd if you ask the other girls. My strengths don’t lie with music so don’t quiz me, I NEVER know the answer. I’m a stickler for the rules, seriously though who likes being in trouble. I like to think I’m a Tomboy, I can snowboard down a black run. Yep, cool, I know. On weekends off you will find me attempting to surf very small waves or skating in South Freo. If I’m really lucky you will find me in Rotto. Coffee is my best friend, love me a giant take away cap. We have a big fat lazy Labrador living in our house, his name’s Kilo. Oh and one last thing, don’t ever make me go to a landlocked place. I won’t be happy. Even NYC freaked me out. Thank god for Central Park. •


Tempted to try your hand at flower posies? Looking for something different to do with a friend? The always popular YOU + ME flower workshop is back....the perfect way to dabble in something new and share the experience with someone else.
Great for beginners.
Next workshop at my studio Sunday 8th April -
10am or 2pm
$190 for TWO people including all blooms and morning/afternoon tea.
Full details on and bookings on website.

🍑 summer peaches for Jose & Jordan wedding day celebrations
#perthflorist #feathersandpetal #perthflowers #perthbride #perthwedding

Massive thank you to @saveyourscissors__ for organising this amazing flower arrangement, courtesy of the super talented @itsnotme.itsyu - we love it! 😍😍 #kaaral #purify #perthflowers #floral #flowerarrangement

Weekend flowers! Pretty posies in Maylands and Bassendean from @gabyneylon_botanical X
Image: @gabyneylon_botanical

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