Rule number 2️⃣-
Complete a PPSR check, AKA, a Personal Property Security Register for us gals not in the know 😂
The check covers-
✅ Written off records
✅ Finance owing
✅ Odometer check
✅ Stolen vehicle check
✅ Registration details.
If there is money💰owing on the car and this loan doesn’t get paid out when you purchase the car, this debt could in fact become your debt! 😩 And that’s not what you want! 🙅🏼‍♀️

Seats still available for Australian Revelations, tomorrow/Sept 25, 6.30pm! There'll be a Q&A with Director Rowan Woods after the screening of his film, LITTLE FISH! Get your questions ready as you chill with drinks and great cheese at @TheBacklotPerth !🔖:
Save your seats today:

Long weekends are for relaxing, recovering and red wine✨

A look back at our In Conversation with Taryn Brumfitt @bodyimagemovement event with @boffinsbooks and @100womenaus 💕

Thanks to @claritysimplicitysuccess @metteisbaking and @hellopav

I know the thought of DIY to some people is in the #toohard basket but that doesn't mean you have to keep using the products that you are currently buying... you have options! It is easy to start reducing the amount of chemicals in your home ✅
This is a simple way to reduce the chemicals in your Bathroom by swapping your current products that you buy from the grocery store to dōTERRA 🏡
➕ Get rid of your hair care products and replace them with - - > Salon Essentials Shampoo and conditioner
WHY MAKE THE SWITCH? This stuff is brilliant and actually cleans your hair so it is effective and is cheaper than other products that are on the market
➕ Ditch your toothpaste and replace it with - - > OnGuard Natural Cleansing Toothpaste
WHY MAKE THE SWITCH? Gentle and natural polishing toothpaste with all of the benefits of OnGuard oil!
➕Take care of your hands and throw away those harsh washes and replace them with - - > On Guard hand wash & 2 pack dispenser
WHY MAKE THE SWITCH? reduce the chemicals in your bathroom easily with this hand wash that is infused with oils to beat the germs and leave your hands feeling fresh and clean with no nasties in sight!
➕ Say no more to the soap that is full of synthetic smells! Replace them with - - > Moisturising Bath Bar
WHY MAKE THE SWITCH? this beautiful bath bar is infused with essential oils and jojoba seed oil
➕ Farewell paw paw that is a chemical minefield and replace it with - - > dōTERRA’s Lip balm
WHY MAKE THE SWITCH? This natural lip balm is infused with botanical, plant and essential oils
➕ Nasty chewing gum be gone and replace it with - - > Peppermint beadlets
WHY MAKE THE SWITCH? This is a natural breath freshener as each beadlet is filled with peppermint oil and that is it!
➕ 12 month Wellness Membership = $35.00
WHY MAKE THE SWITCH? Allows you access to purchase any products at 25% off with no obligations
⭐️ AND ALL OF THIS FOR $153.25 ⭐️
You can't tell me that it isn't worth the $153 investment. Reducing the chemicals in your home makes a BIG difference ✔️
Send me a DM if you want to start your wellness journey ✨

Be patient, some seasons are longer than others 💕
#flowersinbloom #seasonsinlife

I made a couple of extra goodies in the lead up to my DIY workshop so I would love to send these out to someone this week... I thought it would make a great 'Mummy survival pack' as we are about to embark on school holidays in Perth ❤️
If you would like me to send you this 'Mummy survival pack' which contains:
+ Peppermint lip balm
+ Lavender moisturising bar
+ Stop, Calm & Roll blend
Comment below with how your plan to survive the school holidays... perhaps a parent hack that you have? 😉
I will randomly pick someone tomorrow night at 7.00pm AWST (Monday, 24 September) 💜
PS This time around, this is only available for our Aussie friends ☺️
*** this is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram. By entering, entrants agree to a complete release of Instagram.

It was crush-at-first-sight when I spied with my little eye this super-cute (and total boss) water bottle in Kmart.
Pink + Power Words (in a fancy script to boot) = YASS!
I will always gravitate to anything visual that helps to keep that inner fire burning, that speaks to my soul.
The life of an entrepreneur has it’s challenges, many of them; truth be told, it’s very much a roller coaster ride, constant ups and downs, spins, seemingly flying out of control.
But that is where the magic happens. Outside the comfort zone. Fear and elation all rolled into one.
#bosslady all the way! .

Monday Mantra via @cindyleos ✌🏼

Have you started using posts on your Google My Business listing?

They are a great way to make your listing stand out from the crowd, promote events and offers, and get more eyeballs on your website.

They only last for a limited time though so make sure you add a new one when the old one expires.

Dropping out of the 'corporate marketing world' sparked a fire in me that I forgot I had. The truth was, I wasn’t ‘becoming’ something new, I was ‘unbecoming’ what I thought I should be, and returning to what I really was. A free-thinker who does things her own way and helps inspire other people to do what they love.
I then connected up with a bunch of like-minded and legendary creatives from across Australia to help me build Wildbrand - and never looked back. ✖We don’t believe in the 9-5 'grind'. Not if you don't want it, anyway. ✖We don’t believe in being ‘trapped’ in jobs we don’t really like.
✖We don’t believe we have to do or be anything we don’t want to be in order to make a buck. ✖We don't believe 'it's all about the hustle'. It's all about BALANCE.
This is the internet age, where we have more opportunities to live and work on our own terms than ever before. It’s up to us to learn how to harness it for ourselves.
Want to riff on some online business ideas with us? DM us for details! ⚡ 📸 Via Pinterest. .
#wearewildbrand #selfmade #perthcreatives #perthcreativesdoitbetter #inspiredwomenofperth #perthentrepeneur #perthsmallbusinesses #digitalmarketingperth #entrepeneurlife #perthwebdesigner #perthlogodesign #perthbrands #buildyourbrand #perthbrandingspecialist #perthbusinessdirectory #perthgram #theperthcollective #perthbossladies #perthtodo #perthwa

I'm trying to bring back and old habit ✨
I used to do this a lot, but lately I've lost my way a little. On Monday mornings, I'm going to sit down with a coffee and plan out my week. But most importantly, I'm going to get really clear on what I want to achieve for the week 💗
We get caught up in the rat race of life it's hard to stay on track towards achieving our big goals, but this is one way to realign and get focused. Plus, coffee ☕️💁🏼‍♀️
What are your big goals for the week? Share them so I can support you ⬇️💕

CLASS IS ON TONIGHT!!! 👯‍♀️🎶 @_thejunglebodywithbec_ is covering for me while I’m away, so make sure you go say Hey!!! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Have fun and I’ll see you all next week! 😘 #thejunglebodywithjenna #thejunglebody #konga #floreat #publicholiday #monday

Did you know we now have hand & body lotion to match our wash? •
Black or white bottles your choice 🤗 500ml wash and 250ml lotion •
FICC is on holidays now but our shop reopens on 3/10 •
Melbourne here we come 💙💛🦅 Have a great week everyone •

Gorgeous pic & styling by @scandilane_ 🖤🖤


Thank you universe 🙏🏼💕⠀
After a chance encounter on Facebook, I had been chatting to the incredible Laura, current owner of @islandwholefoods cafe, for a couple of weeks about her new venture @theavocadotribe 🥑⠀
This week I was able to sink my teeth into building her content strategy and some other copywriting projects for her blog. This is the kind of stuff that really lights me up 😍⠀
Plus I made a new discovery... I get pretty buzzed about reviewing website design and editing copy 😝⠀
This project is a goodie and I can’t wait to show you guys the finished product soon 👏🏼⠀
Share your #weeklywins

Here are the BEST locations for the CHEAPEST fuel tomorrow 👇🏼
138.5 PUMA, Atwell
138.5 PUMA, Joondalup
138.5 UNITED, South Lake
139.3 UNITED, Ellenbrook
139.7 7-Eleven, Balga
139.7 7-Eleven, Canning Vale
139.7 PUMA, High Wycombe
139.7 CALTEX, Whitfords
139.7 UNITED, Leda
148.5 UNITED, Neerabup
148.9 PUMA, Henderson
148.9 PUMA, Kwinana
149.5 PUMA, Neerabup
149.9 FAST FUEL, Forrestfield
150.0 PHOENIX, Busselton
85.4 PUMA, Burswood
87.4 PUMA, Bayswater
87.4 PUMA, Lesmurdie
87.5 UNITED, Armadale
87.5 UNITED, Mt Lawley
87.9 BP 2go, Armadale
87.9 BP, Ascot
87.9 PUMA, Kiara

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