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Because it's #NationalPuppyDay and I don't know what I do without my furr babies!
I rescued Missy in the darkest times of my life. She was my light and she helped show me that love existed and that I was worthy of this life.❤ De Soto was rescued after I plopped him on my fiancée lap 😂 it was a wrap after that.
For those that follow my snap know just how much of a handful they are Lol 😂😍

High Ceiling Open Concept😍
Lucky Shophouse
by CHANG Architects

Casa JZL, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Beautiful project by Bernardes Arquitetura @bernardesarq
Amazing shot by @leonardofinotti

the OB pause 😍🌴
📸: @dawshootzraw

"Hold my hand" 👋
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Photo by @invertisa

Insanely cool animation of the Andromeda galaxy in UV light.
🎥 @tumblr / gspaceter245
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Today, trade in your usual outlook. Stand on your head, think outside the circle, look beyond the answer sheet. Change your perspective!.
Happy Friday! 🙃

❤ When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds, or a thousand wishes. #perspective #wishes #fairies #fantasywirefairies #fantasywire #journey #traveler #selflove #makeawish #makememories #neversettle #zandthecity #austin #dallas #nyc Www.occhioappello.com

Like looking in a mirror.


Over three years ago I began a clinical trial in Brisbane for a targeted treatment. The drug was incredible and I've had amazing results with dramatic reduction in cancer. My condition has been controlled and in partial remission for several years. Unexpectedly, this January I had a seizure at the gym which prompted us to act on the situation and investigate further. After a couple of months of follow up scans and appointments with specialists, this week I found out the trial drug is no longer completely controlling my condition.
As we took control of the situation early we were already prepared and I was able to end the trial and change over to another targeted treatment, which luckily was accepted onto the PBS recently. Hopefully this will continue on from the amazing 3 years I had on the trial.
Yesterday I visited the year 9's at St Michael's College and shared my story and messages of gratitude, resilience and self belief. I was also able to talk to them about the past few months and how I've handled the situation and implemented these 3 things. Despite the fact I had a seizure unexpectedly the whole situation has been positive, there are positives and opportunities in any situation. This is what gratitude and resilience is all about! The seizure meant I've lost my license for 6 months, but rather than seeing that as a negative I went and bought a bike and now cycle everywhere and continue to get fitter and stronger. I was so lucky to have a seizure, it prompted investigation allowing me to be right on top of this situation at the earliest possible stage. With standard scans I may not have known about this until it was progressed and causing problems. Thankfully everything is under control and I'm positive about the future. That's how I manage my chronic condition, being on top of things, being grateful and especially being resilient.
These are the messages I talk about in schools and with other groups. Difficulties provide opportunities, lessons and perspective! #gratitude #resilience #selfbelief #perspective #positivity #growthmindset #publicspeaking #speaker #schools #adelaide #southaustralia #australia

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