Smiling through No Stirrup September. Or should we call it Soretember #Noodles #EquestrianStyle #GPAFirstLady #Monogram #PersonallyPreppy 🌟🎈 A special thank you to @laurenfisch23 for training us the strongest and most balanced riders we have ever been #Goals @sailortaylor3 #ThanksCoach

It’s International Helmet Awareness Day! Helmets are a massively important part of our riding attire and it is vital to ensure proper safety and fit! Helmets should be replaced after every fall and/or every three years. No matter if you can see damage or not. Please always wear your helmet when you ride! No photo opportunity or dare or anything is worth the risk of serious brain injury from falling from a horse. Be careful and be kind to your head - wear your helmet! Always! 🤩

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