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For all you #ablovers and #core fanatics or those just looking for #abworkoutsfromhome here is the way I like to hit my #abs targeting each section #obliques #lowerabs #upperabs !!! This is guaranteed to have your core on fire 🔥🔥🔥 Remember that a good looking core is not just #exercise it also #healthydiet #nutrition #mealplan #igfood #igfitness #calisthenics #yoga #yogafit #cardio #hustlehart #nopainnogain #hardworkingman #hardworkingwoman #strengthandconditioning #academyfitness #alexfitness #justtrain #getactive #personalhealth #recovery #consistency and #dedication is 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑

BusinessInsider.com reports that "Physician Burnout takes a toll on U.S. patients." Physicians maintaining their personal health is a mandatory requirement in order to treat patients effectively. Physicians and providers alike: your personal health is just as important. Make sure you take care of yourselves as well. .
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My friend Mary used to complain of her dry scalp and how she can't style her natural hair because of whitish dryness showing on her scalp, i introduced her to this love nature wheat and coconut oil (shampoo, conditioner and hot oil) now she can't stop sending me pictures and talking of how healthy her hair is or how beautifully she styles her it......why don't you also order and say bye bye to dry scalps and enjoy your healthy hair growth..... @tiwasavage @yemialade @ritadominic @symplysimi @wofaifada @maraji_ @omonioboli @k8henshaw #Beautytips #PersonalHealth #TheQueen #oriflamers #healthyhaircare #healthyhair

Sometimes ( who am I kidding...) MOST of the time I don’t have time to cut & chop all of my veggies. These frozen veggie mixes literally save me. Pair it with some type of protein and you’ve got a meal! @paleomg homemade tortilla recipe is amazing. Nothing too crazy in them, YOU can make them!

Excited about all these free items I got with my normal monthly order! 😍🤩 I love earning free items to try out and then incorporate into our daily lives. Young Living is amazing at rewarding their members!! #youngliving #goldendropsociety #essentialoils #notjustoils #supplements #weightloss #personalhealth

Breakfast was quick this morning, I had to run out the door! 1 egg•2 egg whites•nourish bowl veggies•chicken sausage•raspberries. You can easily use any veggies that you have in your fridge for this. Just chop up what you’ve got, sauté them all with EVOO, onion and minced garlic. Keep in a Tupperware and add to your meals throughout the week. Time is essential, so do yourself a favor and prep a little bit ahead of time! You’ll be happy you did.

Back when my little Jacob was a few weeks old! After I had my first baby I didn’t know about Diastasis Recti amd didn’t regard my abdominal muscles properly. Our bodies are amazing and need special attention after we’ve cooked a human for 9 months! I’ll help you with some exercises to gain your core strength back and put your muscles into place again.

Another lunch idea for you guys! Pork Loin from the crockpot in sautéed Edamame + corn. I make this veggie mix almost every week! Our whole family loves it. The best part is, I buy both the corn and edamame frozen and throw it in the skillet. Add some onion +minced garlic and top it with a protein and you’re good to go! And a fried egg, because, it’s good on anything! 🍳

One of my favorite post workout meals is a green smoothie! Get those veggies in! 🥦🥒🥕 Recipe: spinach leaves, frozen banana, frozen berries, @pescience protein powder, flaxseed.

Did you know that berries are very low in sugar? They’re packed with antioxidants and fiber, too. 🍓🍒🍇

Smoothie talk 🍇🥒🍌

I get asked about post workout meals quite a bit. I used to never give it much thought until I learned just how important this one meal is. There is a window right after your workout of about an hour. During this time your muscles NEED quality carbohydrates to restore your glycogen stores (energy) and protein to rebuild and repair your muscles. 💪🏻 my post workout meal here: crockpot chicken, lean ground beef (protein) sweet potato, edamame (quality carbs)

Meal prepping some protein pancakes for the week. 1 scoop @pescience vanilla protein, 1 egg, 3 TBSP water, 1/8 tsp Baking Powder. I doubled the recipe and eat them with peanut butter or by themselves as a snack throughout the day.

These Protein Pancakes have been a staple in my diet the last few weeks. They’re good by themselves, topped with peanut butter or some breakfast sausage. 👌🏼 recipe a few posts back.

One of my favorite weekly meals. Took a total of 10 minutes to throw together. All quality ingredients that make a difference in your diet. Healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.

I’m always looking for new and fresh food. I found this Teriyaki veggie mix at Kroger the other day. Sautéed it up with some Ground Beef and called it a day. #healthydoesnthavetobehard

Are you looking for some personal training? Need to help getting motivated or maybe you just need guidance...make sure you stop by to see The Performance Lab by FNSports in their cabana and get more information and possibly win some FREE training!

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