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Good morning #TeamMissKitty, today's #DivaPositive quote is :: “Past mistakes should teach you to create a wonderful future, not cause you to be afraid of it” – Unknown

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I JUST CHANGED THE LAW! It’s now perfectly legal to enjoy your favourite dessert without any judgement or moral sin! 💃🏻😗🙌🏼💜

You can eat anything that makes your heart happy, whether that be a kale salad or a chocolate dipped donut🍩. You could even have both! At the same time!!😋

There is also no more need to justify what you eat! All you need to do is open your mouth and enjoy the outcome of your nourishing and self-loving intentions.💜

And if anyone spews their “that’s so toxic/cancer-causing/unhealthy/bad” claims, remind them of this caption. Be a law-enforcer. And then arrest time.👮🏻‍♀️ May all taste buds be liberated on this special day! 👅🌍🍨 #makinghistory #freedombyfroyo

My denim jacket is by @honeybum 🍯💕 (20% off discount - SR20)  Honey Bum is a clothing brand dedicated towards fashion and the well-being of the honey bee population 🐝 ! With every purchase, they will plant 10 flowers to preserve these important creatures🌻

Green tea, beetroot, fibre, MCTS are still one of my favourite products especially now since I am incorporating more fat into my diet. I am also SO excited about the new LIQUID ENHANCERS which have 4 versions: – Best Aminos, Best Energy, Carnitine, Garcinia!
With all the travelling Regan and I have been doing it's been hard to bring supplements everywhere we go. This solves that problem and also makes it easier to drink water all day long allowing you to stay hydrated 🙌🏻
🍁Huge FALL Savings over at @bpi_sports
Now ‪through SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22 at Midnight‬ EST🍂
Click link in biooooo

Why YOU?

When creating a business plan for investors, or acquiring a new client, you've got to answer this question for them. So I ask...why you??

This is a vulva portrait that I made of a lovely person who wanted to be part of the gallery, shared with her words: "Vulvas are the gateways to the universe. We are all connected through this exquisite passage. All men, women and children on this earth have special, undeniable bonds to vulvas and we must honor them, in all their raw, fragile, tantalising, powerful beauty.

It took me a long time to realize this power. I never really spent time with my vulva until I reached womanhood. As a youth, I saw it as something quite functional. A place of pleasure, a exit for my monthly period, something to fiddle with, or a place to warm my hands when it was cold. But when I started to think more about motherhood, when I started to respect my sex and took more responsibility over who I gave it to, when I grew into the woman form of my child self, I really start to think and feel differently about my vulva. My vulva is my heritage. My vulva is my offer of true intimacy and love with my husband. My vulva is where I will welcome my children to this world. How can I not be totally in love and thankful for my vulva."

Thank you for being part of the gallery 💖 Would you like to be part of the gallery (and/or share your story)? Write me an e-mail: thevulvagallery@gmail.com

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Never not stepping up my #tongueouttuesday game. #personalgrowth

Be sure to have this mindset 👊🏼
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NEW POST IN BIO! I know I am far from posting regularly enough to have a real impact on here for the time being, but for those still keeping up with the Instagram I owe you a huge THANK YOU! I've been learning a ton through reading and listing to books this year. Once in awhile a quote stands out to me. Check out the article to read some of them #LearningLots #QuotesToLiveBy

Happiness is contagious. No really it is! .
The affect an individual or a group can have on another person's emotions whether conscious or unconscious is called emotional contagion. Research shows by surrounding yourself with happy people you will also feel happier, more energized, and less stressed. ☢️Warning: the same holds true for other emotions 🙅🏼

She put to much sugar on her cereal this morning - Ocean Alley

💕Isn't it so true though?!?💕

Life isn't going to be an amazing adventure all the time but it certainly isn't going to be awful all the time either.... It won't always be easy but try to find beauty in the ordinary and in between things because in all reality, there are people out there who would change places with us in a heartbeat! 💓

•Choose gratitude ❤️

•follow @westofthefourthwildflowers

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While the external specifics would be different just like they can be here if I journey to a vastly different terrain than I normally reside in, the goal and internal specifics of life would still be the same. So I don't spend any of the scant few breaths I have left on this.
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Do you expect to find joy in grief? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Of course not! But my guest this week, @mmagauranmd was surprised to find joy in communicating with her sister’s spirit AFTER her death! Check out the podcast to hear the divine details. Link in bio. 📲💚 #shelbyforsythia

Dear God, you're a monologue repeater - Violent Soho

These wise words need no explanation.

Good night.

Sleep well.

We must overcome the difficult to earn or rewards. 🔥 ***For more motivation and personal development, check out my podcast in iTunes and SoundCloud***
Open Heart Surgery

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more quebec pics bc when this is the view from ur window y not 🤷‍♀️🤙

{video} A key part of getting the most out of ANY reading is *preparing* for it. Part of preparation involves investigating your reader to see if he or she is the right reader for you ✨

What kind of values does he or she have? What kind of work does he or she really do? Those are important questions to ask. Equally important in preparing for a reading is doing some kind of self-inventory to assess what your thoughts and feelings are about certain aspects of your life, as well as the kind of information you are willing to admit into your awareness around a certain issue ✨

In this video, I guide you through the process of reading prep, complete with essential questions. You can watch the full video from the link in my profile. Big love 💕💜

Hello wealthy wives, how are you? Today’s video is about finding your soulmate. That person who truly understands you & you enjoy too.

Too many women are still holding onto some Disney princess fairytale ideal about finding true love.

Yuck... 😝 I’ll explain to you in the video why I dislike the whole Disney fairy tale fantasy.
Or, others have nearly become “cavemen” in their approach to finding & convincing a man to be in a relationship with them.

They basically “beat” him over the head (i.e. nagging, guilt, passive/aggressive behavior, etc.) Until, they wear him down & he gives in.
Ok, how will that create a truly happy & lasting relationship?

Of course, there is a happy medium. Love like every other part of your life requires true awareness about what you need & who you want to build a life.

The happiest couples I have had the pleasure to meet & talk to had a real idea of the type of person they were looking for.

They had plan. Some consciously created it & others through their behaviors, choices, & lifestyle placed themselves in the right places to meet their beloved.

No hoping & wishing... No full on “attack” to get their way.

Listen & learn why it is important to create your personal blueprint & find true love. Love is no battlefield once you learn how to focus on your needs & guide your life in the direction of your dreams. 💋

Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are many rainy days 🌧...if I’m being honest, sometimes it can make you feel a bit...blah. 😴What do you do to uplift yourself on days like that? A cozy blanket? Hot coffee ☕️ and a book? 📖 Perspective is everything, we get to choose how to spend our rainy days!☺️

The dictionary defines work as mental or physical activity as a means of earning income. We often focus so much on work as the job or career we have to make a monetary means to live but work can be so much more than that. For me work means expanding myself physically and intellectually with the final reward of growth. My office is not just where I make my income but where I achieve this later goal. So welcome to my other office 💪🏽
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