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The in betweens of trying to get the "perfect" picture. So yes, my butt can look different all the time and no, one is NOT better than the other.
On the topic of butts, up until recently I've always felt insecure with posting this part of the body. Of course the angles and lighting had to be "right" as I feared the idea of cellulite showing. Heaven forbid I didn't have the smooth, airbrushed skin shown in magazines. Secondly I feared what people would think of me...thoughts such as these ran through my head:
"Instagram whore or slut"
"Attention seeking"
"Disrespectful of myself"
I respect myself, I also respect Regan and yet I still post these photos. Why? Because it is part of my story. I have learned to accept myself. I know that I am NOT any of those things mentioned above. Showing skin doesn't make me any less of a person, it just means I choose to. It's taken a lot of mental work to get to the place I am right now and allowing myself to embrace it. I can now post a picture like this showing all sides and feel just as confident and happy with myself as if I only showed the one of the right. Each one is me, and that's what makes it beautiful.
I love these quotes by: @bodyposipanda
"Fact: the amount of skin a woman shows has nothing to do with how much respect she deserves OR how much she respects herself.
Fact: a woman can choose to celebrate her body in its most natural state without it being for someone else's sexual pleasure or gratification."
(Full caption on her page)

Yes...agree with @expertambassador ...such a good learning...
Photo courtesy via @richtelligent -
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Do you know the story of the rock ? β˜† Follow me @motivatedhustle for more motivation! β˜† .
Johnson went from being so poor as a kid that he and his mother were evicted from their home, to Division I college football, to World Wrestling Entertainment, to Hollywood, to being the highest-grossing actor of 2013. How he did it is a case study in determinationβ€”and in getting some great advice.

When life shuts a door...
...open it again.
It's a door.
That's how doors work.
I found this quote on my dear friend @osteosophie's page and I found it both hilarious and wise.
I've definitely closed some doors in my life that I want to open again when time is appropriate. And for some of them, the appropriate time might even be now.

Be very careful what you say and think, the law of attraction is Real! Hit the follow @realchriscota button for more.

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investing in our growth and prioritizing our health isn't selfish - it's self-care 🌻. and self-care is ESSENTIAL πŸ’š, not only for ourselves but for our ability to give and serve others, too. if we want to help meet the needs of people around us, we have to meet our own needs first, or else giving won't be sustainable. even if it seems like taking care of ourselves comes at the expense of letting down others, remember that even worse is taking care of others at the expense of letting down ourselves. we are our one and only true caretaker - and ultimately, self-care will serve others in the end, because it will enable us to live, give, and love as our best selves.

People are celebrated in public for what they practice in private. πŸ‘Š

Follow your purpose and love will find you. #PurposeGoals #RelationshipGoals


Respect the truth! ☝️
Tag a winner! πŸ”

Happy Thursday! I'm taking a little break today. A book, a beautiful coffee, and a comfy chair. Because sometimes that's what needs to happen. β €
#fillyourcup#selfcare#selfloveβ €
β €

Thursday 27th July: A great day to become aware of the words you use when you speak and write. Everything, including all words have an energy vibration – some words have a higher vibrational frequency and some, well …….. not so high. Start noticing the words you speak and write, these words were first a thought and remember your thoughts are a conversation with the Universe. Choose them wisely. Have a tremendous Thursday everyone. #healthandwellness #personalgrowth #inspiration #changeyourlife #healing #thepetchway #spiritual #joy #beliefs #mindfulness #choices #meditation #loa #emotions

" Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place" . πŸ’«βœ¨ This is what I repeat to myself in moments of chaos. What do you tell to yourself when you feel confused ? - #FallenAngel πŸ•Š #Today

Stay on your toes and adapt to change. πŸ’‘

That is what my team is rock !! Life happiness but we have one another to have support and motivation !
Message me to join our team ! August 21 challenge starts in 6 days !!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
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I don't usually post half-naked selfies, but when I do it's usually just a convenient excuse to display I've been going ham at the gym again. That, and I gladly seize every opportunity I get to show off my beautiful RIGHT nipple. That baby is just goddamn sexy... Enjoy ladies and gents πŸ˜‚

The fun thing about challenges is that you can always play catch up if you post a day late lol. So today I’ll be posting the word of the day for yesterday and today. Yesterday’s word was β€œStillness” Join the #MHSummerReFRESH challenge by posting on your own page using the hashtag, or privately via the link in my bio. βž–βž–
Stillness doesn’t mean progress isn’t happening, it is simply a period in the sentences of our lives.
In your stillness - you are still magnificent.
In your stillness – you are still worthy.
In your stillness – you are still loved.
I’ve been going through a period of stillness and accepting it. Being a content creator, I’m under constant pressure to beat Facebook & Instagram’s algorithms, post on social media 4+ times a day so I’ll always be present in your feed, and pitch daily to get sponsored partnerships. But lately those requirements haven't been realistic because I had to put my mental & physical health first. βž–βž–
I had to distinguish MY vision and desires from the rules in the imaginary content creator guidebook. βž–βž–
@ggreneewrites said it best, β€œMy platform would not be sustainable if it weren't built on realness and my pace is part of who I am. My 'brand' is simply me and the stories I have to tell and the vulnerable way I tell them. It's okay to slow down, be quiet, remember your reasons and rebalance.”

Be open to new ways of seeing, new ways of being. It will break the cycle of your past. ~Chris Wildeboer~ #balance #balancecentral

We all make mistakes;

But it's how you pick yourself up, and the lessons you choose to carry forward with you that make the difference.
What will you choose to do today?

#wednesdaywisdom #yourchoice #weallmakemistakes #lifecoach #lifecoaching #lessonslearned #lessonstobelearned #movingforwards #mistakes #howwedealwiththings #NLPCOACH #author #lifelessons #growthmindset #mindset #solutionfocused #wellnessindubai #wellness #personalgrowth #change #inspiringchange

As I shared in my story with one, small example, I think we all have the opportunity to be more intentional and sincere with our words! What we say is important, but how we say it is even MORE important!
#whatyousay #howyousayit #tonematters #pause #beintentional #becaring #genuine #sincere #listentoothers #beinterested #wordsmatter #buildpeopleup #bedifferent #personaldevelopment #aspiretoinspire #strivetobebetter #strivetogrow #personalgrowth #betterment #weallhaveastory

Change is a guarantee, progress isn't. ✌️

Deficit Deadlifts - 4 x 6 @ 90kg. πŸ’ͺ🏼
| Deficit Deadlift - Conventional deadlift with feet on a small platform/plate |
Performing this movement will increase the range of motion, putting the lifter at a disadvantage - increasing time under tension, and lengthening the amount of time a lifter must work through the bottom end of the movement – which is typically the most challenging or weakest link... teaching the lifter to really drive off the floor.
Feeling strong, and think they're moving well!! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Be truthful, fearless and gentle - Ghandi

Don't let anyone else hold the pen whilst writing your life story .. I just love that quote ☺️ think it's said the other way round but hey ho! Still does the trick ☺️ .. it's so true though, live your life on your terms, do whatever you want to do, stop worrying about what others think or what they will say or how they will they react, if they were good enough people to have around they would support you whatever you wanted to do .. YOLO β˜ΊοΈπŸ’œ #liveyourliferight #yolo #onelife #writeyourownstory #yourlife #makeyourlifecount #lifeisshort #yourlifestory #personalgrowth #lifegoals #liveyourdream #enjoylife #heartledconnection

Ok guys it's getting closer and closer!
I've still got a few spots left in my Welcome to the Gun Show group.
Are you able to do push-ups?
Do you want to be able to do push-ups?
Do you want to see how far you can push yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these comment below!
We will be running a 5 day challenge with different ways to modify push-ups. Any level is welcome to join! I can't do one push-up not on my knees so I'm excited to see how far I can go.
We will also have prizes available for the people who participate and share the most!

Again drop a comment below if you want to join! Spots are filling fast.
#loveyourself #pushyourself #mentalgrowth #newthings #furmom #getitrightgetittight #gunshow #newboundaries #personalgrowth #helpingmyself #selfcare

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