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Anyone can become rich but only few become wealthy🤔
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Hey faaaaam!
I've been quieter than usual this week as I have started a new job. New phone who dis? Big city boss bish speaking.
Enjoying my keto bomb coffee from @bpi_sports as I contemplate how I'm going to get through a to do list as long as my arm and it is DELICIOUS! 😋
I follow keto for many reasons and one of them is definitely results in weight loss but I also experience such a huge improvement in my overall health, strength and energy which is even more important.
@bpi_sports is the only supplement company I have found *personally* with such a wide and specific range catering to those of us on a keto diet.
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Thanks Noosa for putting on the most BEAUTTTT weather for our business retreat ☀️🌴🌊 Sleeping bags ✔️
Torch ✔️
Earplugs ✔️
Sarongs ✔️
Cushion ✔️ We have no idea what we are in for but if it's one thing I'm about, it's putting yourself out there in uncomfortable situations for the sake of personal growth.
See yas Monday ✌🏼💚

The first time I did Freeletics, it was a war. It was a real battle with myself. Afterwards I thought: "this is awesome!". Like, I really had to fight and I love this feeling of fighting with myself
Know the feeling?

Life is amazing!!! Don't settle for less than you deserve💯

I love doing bar workouts 💙 You can have fun and hit your goals at the same time. When you embrace the process, the pain and challenges are what you learn to appreciate the most.
Martin Luther King Jr said it the best. You don't have to see the whole staircase to take the first step! Take action everyday to get to the top! ⛰ 🎥@mike.diesel.official

What's your excuse for not reaching your goals? None of these things listed here requires talent. #hardwork #determination #passion .
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Great to be part of another beautifully crafted event #fashiontrendclass .
Thank you to all of you that showed "Life Teaches Love Inspires" support 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽
Dreaming in action 😉😘❤️ .
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One of the most amazing parts of this business is that we never stop growing- individually and together!
I love and am so grateful that our corporate team encourages us to do personal development, and pours into us!

I'm now part of an online book club, and the current topic is leadership.💪
I'm so excited to learn more about how to grow my team to a "whole 'notha level"🔥🔥🔥 So inspiring to know that I'm going to become a better version of myself.
When you are passionate about what you do❤, you are never concerned about working harder!💎💎 "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

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I'm sooo proud of your for ⤵️
*pushing & grinding everyday
*taking time to connect with me
*being a great listener & friend
*loving me for ME
*lifting me up when I'm down
*sharing your thoughts & ideas
*being a great role model
*caring about me & my life
*supporting me through every step
*prioritizing your growth & self
*choosing love ❤️ over hate
*empowering other women
*learning more about yourself
*taking the time to read this!

We should really take the time to tell ourselves and others.... "hey! I'm really proud of YOU!"

Shout out to all the women who strive each day to become the best version of themselves 👏🏼
If you find yourself:
•dreaming about a better future
•unsatisfied with your income
•yearning more adventure
•desiring true love & happiness
•thinking about your purpose
•unhappy at your current job
•lost, confused, & frustrated
•anxious, depressed, & doubtful
DM ME if you're ready to start showing up each day in a POWERFUL way and attracting into your life the success you owe to yourself and finally get over what's been holding you back. I AM here for you! Sign up for a FREE strategy call with me and I will personally walk you through how to step up and show up each day in your most powerful way.

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"...i remember once coming back from a party conference and arriving at about suppertime. Moabi shouted "Daddy, daddy, what have you brought me from Molepolole?" I said "Love, my son," to which he replied "Where is it?" ...i told them my job was to earn the money and then "I turn it over to your mother and she manages everything else." Quett Ketumile Joni Masire #VeryBraveOrVeryFoolish #MemoirsOfAnAfricanDemocrat #Masire #SirKetumile #RipMasire
I pulled this book off the shelf earlier, and i wondered, "What will a young lady like me learn from this...?", from what i have read so far, I AM LOVING IT!!
#5amClub #PersonalDevelopment #Learning #TeamAHO_5amClub

As if T-25 Speed 1.0 at 5:00am today wasn't enough...I had more to burn off and too much going on in my head...so before I can settle down for the night and get some reading in, I busted out TurboFire Lower HIIT 20!!
Now that I've sweat (a ton) and worked out the things swirling in my head, my mind is ready to soak in some PD 📚 .
What are you reading these days??

Promo vid for @rise_n_grind22 Check it out.
#creativepreneur #video

Work hard, play hard. #100MileTraining

Friends in THE HEIGHTS, join me for the first of a series of FREE and affordable SELF EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOPS created specially for the community. UNSTOPPABLE ME! Will help you PUSH THROUGH FEARS and learn how to do the unimaginable… connect to the person deep inside of you yearning to LIVE AUTHENTICALLY and with passion. Learn more and register... WWW.BUTTERFLYMYST.COM
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I'm on my journey, staying in my own lane and moulding myself into the woman that God has intended me to be. I don't expect it to be easy but I know that only I can enjoy the rewards of the labour of love that one puts into the seeds we sow. Many may not understand and that's ok. Only matters that you stay focused and keep reminding yourself as to why you are doing what you're doing. #livingablessedlife #personaldevelopment #personaljourney #blackgirlmagic #mustbethatafricanbutter #AfricanBeauty #durbanfoodie #kitchenqueen #becomeyourdream #embodypeaceandlove #selflovefirst #nomakeup #dreadlocklife #dreadlocks #naturalhair #naturalface #workingonmyself #keepthecirclesmall #positivevibes #blackfemalebusinessowner #blackwomanempowerment #blackgirlsrock

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