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Oh my Wyatt is some kind of special. I mean come on, he's barking at a garden shovel 🤪🤪🤣🤣

A promise is the only contract that we can sign without the other party agreeing on the outcome. Make a promise to yourself today to be great for you and everyone you love. #personaldevelopment #writersofinstagram #writer #mindset #authorsofinstagram #author #speaker #howtofindlove #success #abundance #abundancemindset #wealth

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Exiting your yesterdays and entering your tomorrows can be difficult only if you refuse to close the door behind you. Focus on what's ahead, enjoying your future steps to success. -Keith M. Dean- CEO, President of BusinessofU. #motivation #motivationalquotes #saturday #basketball #focus #successquotes #personaldevelopment #future #potential #positivevibes #islandlife #caribbean #business
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Save your soul 🕊
Those who know what I’m talking about know just what this means.
Soul destruction should never be an option.
#abuse #raiseawareness #emotionalabuse #narcissisticabuse #survivor #recovery #soul #saveyourself

Omg this is amazing!!! What do you think ? 😊🔥❤

Make intentional decisions. Refuse to live your life on automatic pilot. Refuse to live your life based on somebody else’s goals. #life #awake #choices #seechoosedo #cinse #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #realtalk #relationships #reality #personalevolution

Why pay the price, why work this hard, why go this far, why try to learn this much, why try to see it all, why try to have it all, why learn it, why study, why try to take on this much responsibility, why develop yourself to the full, why try to become all that you can possibly become, why try to earn as much as you can earn, share as much as you can share, develop every skill you can, see every human you can, go to every class you can, touch everyone you possibly can, why do that much, why go that far, why give that much away …….. that’s a good question “WHY” ……. and you’re the only one personally that can answer that for yourself, you’ve got to have your own list of WHY ……. A few years ago I worked on my list of WHY’s and here’s what I’ve come to believe … if your WHY is powerful, the HOW becomes easy. Meet Killah a new friend we meet who’s a local Jamaican country boy who lives an amazing simple life out in the jungle close to Montego Bay. I asked him why he does what he doe’s and he answered very quickly and confidently. “I love people, I want to show the world what Jamaicans are about, that we are about LOVE, that we are all one race, and if I make enough from this I can also help little boys in the country have little jobs to keep them out of trouble … aw and I also have a unborn child coming”. I hope this inspires someone to pause and look within, to create intentionally the reasons of why you wake up every day, to develop meaning and the reasons to get through the everyday challenges and struggles that life throws us because I promise you one thing, if you have a powerful WHY … nothing will stop you. Love to you all and share this or tag someone you think might need this 🙌🏾❤️🙏🏾

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Focusing on drinking water a lot helps me keep myself calm for some reason.. or maybe I just need the water. Either way, fun fact.

My practice has surfaced my internal issues, especially as I progress through second series. The more I continue with the Ashtanga Yoga practice the more I am faced to look at myself completely naked and vulnerable. .
All you can do is your best and know that it is okay to be you, it is okay to not be perfect. 🙏🏼 .
Even though this practice is difficult, it helps transform you into a better human being who is humble and is aware of their flaws. #practiceandalliscoming #thepowerofashtangayoga

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