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Your current reality or your current life is a result of the thoughts you have been thinking .All of that will totally change as you begin to change your thoughts and your feelings.You are in control of your decisions and emotions take control of your mind take control of your life ❤

Another book on the books. THE WAR OF ART. A book that helps us put things in perspective and opens our minds to what causes procrastination. What is resistance and how to overcome it. Ego, ones self and much more. If your looking to open your eyes to why why you BS so much when it comes to getting things done or you just want to step up your game this is the book for you. Thanks Forrest for recommending this to me. I dug it! #personaldevelooment #reading #growth #motivation #thewarofart

Small daily tasks to get the results you are seeking aka the slight edge!
My progress did NOT happen over night....actually it has take years and will never stop because it's a constant journey .
But I did do one small task every day that grew into a habit that created a healthier and happier me!
Find one small task you can do each day to get you to your results and eventually it will become second nature aka habit!
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Surround yourself with like minded people... let's keep chasing our goals.

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Nicole is a gem 🔥 loving her page #prettyeyesbyjeni #personaldevelooment #goals

I know, not your typical Saturday night post, but I was so pumped after today's Super Saturday Event with #TeamCRUSH that I came home and started reading my new book.

I know, another nontypical comment from me. I never read books, especially not for fun. Until now. My new book came in the mail yesterday. This is the first page in the book. I am even more excited to read this now.
This is a line every female should read and believe and I am on a mission to light the spark in as many as I can. See I believe in lifting each other up, not putting each other down. Let's spend our time helping each other and. Elevating each other.
#girlcode #personaldevelooment #TeamCRUSH #supersaturday #helpeachother

Get Ready!!
A transformed Mind equals a transformed Life!
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Mail day... hubs got the bills; I got this new book. I don't even know when it was I ordered but I'm praying it serves me well.

How so? Well, having been married to the military for so long and moving every three years, staking down roots and building deep friendships wasn't a big priority with me (hello, we would be moving anyway!) But now that hubs is retired, we've bought a home, we've clicked into a few social communities, and having had personality types stuff brought to my attention occasionally, and yes, recognizing how *socially inept I feel,* I figured it was time to dig a bit deeper. Deeper, not only within myself, but deeper towards an understanding of other people.

It's weird for me to go back & read what I just wrote up ^^there^^ but it's the truth. Funny, because I didn't used to feel that way. I feel like the introverted side has grown disproportionately larger than my strong/leader side, leaving me feeling off balance let's say. I currently feel I have the social and conversational skills worthy of a paper bag...and that didn't used to be me!

So, pair THAT part with the part that likes things "just so", is over-organized, analytical, & outspoken (is that even possible?) and you may see how the two leave me feeling off balance. I'm sure it strikes an odd chord with people (mamas) I interact with, too! How DOES one interact/read someone like me who can barely hold a two way conversation but is bold and outspoken as well? Lol

Anyway, aaalllllll that to say, new book for some personal development. I do own a couple others on personalities and the likes, but the author of this book @annebogel, I already follow & the podcast (What Should I Read Then?) episode spoke to me.

To local mamas who might be reading this & know me, I pray for grace. Know that I KNOW I'm an oddball. Know that I used to be able to string words together coherently in a conversation. Know that I miss having friends, real friends- not just acquaintances. Know that I'm as loyal as the year is long. Know that my intentions are ALWAYS from a soft & loving place in my heart. Know that I appreciate honesty and expect it from others...you'll always get it from me. ...the end.

Who will be going with me!! "faithandfear can't coexist" #personaldevelooment #growth

Get Ready!!
A transformed Mind equals a transformed Life!
#the transformer#grace #pursuit #worship #grace#livingintentionally #runtowin#motivation#winning mindset#goalsetting#personaldevelooment#

Keep your grind going. You say you want it, then work it. Inch by inch is a cinch--- it also is good discipline. ~ Leaders Grow With Me ~

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Zig Zigler said it best... "If you help enough people get what they want, then you will have everything you want".

I've changed my mornings. ----
I used to wake up and go straight to my workout. By the end of the workout, someone was up and it was time to do lunches, I'd beg the kids to get dressed, ask them upteenth times to stay away from the Legos, sit up at the table, stop talking so much so they could eat and we could attempt to leave on time. Sound familiar to ANYONE?!
Then I read a book and started to change MY mornings. It's a simple routine and it does not take much time. My calm focus on me, along with my daily workout, is slowly creating days of focus and clarity. What Mom wouldn't want that!? So I've been sharing it with my current challengers AND I'm adding it in to my next challenge group that starts next Monday. If your mind does not support your vision, how can you gain traction?
As you can tell...LOL...my daughter is having her quiet morning and even doing one of the morning habits before she starts her day. I tell ya, if someone had taught me this stuff when I was a kid???!!!!
#pdforkids #personaldevelooment #healthyandhappy #happykids #calmmornings #cleanbedroom #kidswhojournal #morningthoughts

No really be nice to zombies too, maybe they just haven't had coffee yet!
I'm not gonna lie, it was a mental battle to get in my workout this morning! Not because I didn't want to or that I wasn't motivated, but because negative thoughts or words first thing can sometimes sabotage your day! Before coaching I wouldn't have really known how to deal with that but after meditating and picking up a personal development book and reading for a little while I was able to center myself, focus on me and get my workout in (check out my story for the workout I did). And know what, I feel a lot better! 💪🏻
This business has helped me in more ways then just getting fit. This could be the opportunity your looking for but are afraid to take. You wanna take the chance with me? Send me a message 📲 or fill out the form ⌨️ in my bio for more info!
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Jump!!! Take the leap and grow yourself. Lead yourself into your purpose. ~ Leaders Grow With Me ~

It's extremely powerful working with people with like-minded mindset. We are on a mission to get our community healthy and happy! Join us on a mission! #fayettevillenutrition #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife #healthisachoice #personaldevelooment #joinmytribe #healthyhappylife

Honour the amazing temple you live in. You're blossoming from your roots up 💖. You are the flower you've always longed for. Embrace it all!

It's Soo important to engage in Personal Development Activities Sisters!!!! In our private Sisterhood Community, we are engaging in changing our mindset, identifying our goals and taking action to be successful!!! Whose your accountability partner??? Don't have any?
Inbox your email address and we will include you in our Sisterhood!!!!! #Sisterhood #Accountability #PersonalDevelooment #JoinUs #Subscribe #Email #Christian #Values #Matter

Post training shake. Testing my products to the limit. Growing muscle and decreasing my body fat %. Win win situation here. Are u stuck? No results??. Inbox me so I can help u #personaldevelooment #nutritioncoach #results #idoherbalife💚🌍🍃💯 #herbalife #gymfreak #abs #absworkout #summerbody #summeriscoming #barcelona #madrid🇪🇸 #buenosaires #holidays #wedding #stayfit #fitfam #fitfamuk #herbalifeargentina #cardio #argentinianman #southamerican #proud

Happy Friday friends!! ❤❤❤❤❤ Your thoughts are 80% negative, your brain is not designed to make you happy. It's your job to decide to be happy everyday! ❤😘 #Positivity

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