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7x3x435lbs today at 83% . 7 weeks out!

This is what it's all about! Sharing knowledge and helping my clients reach their goals! @samanthaclarke1809 has been extremely consistent for the last 10 weeks and all her hard work and dedication is paying off. Good job Sam!

5 sets x 8 reps x 235lbs (67%) = 9,400lbs of volume for bench today. Volume = hypertrophy 👌📈💪Some days I lift for intensity, some days I lift for volume, and other days I lift for speed. They all have a place in my protocol and are implemented into the protocol on a weekly basis.

This lovely lady is my Valentines today (and every other day) 😍. We have so many more adventures to share together... this is just the beginning to them all 😊

7 sets x 3 reps x 405lbs (83.5% of my 1RM of 485). The main concept of these is to be able to push heavier loads for powerlifting reasons but also push enough volume for hypertrophy reasons! Direct message me if you'd like me to go more into detail about that statement and I'd gladly answer your questions.

- Top Set: 1x2x335lbs at RPE 7.5 (I lost my arch and it screwed me)
- Slinghsot Set: 1x3x365lbs (I'm focusing on getting used to holding that much weight for bench and overcoming some mental barriers)
- 5x3x305lbs @7.5 - The goal is to pause every rep even under heavier weights and I am accomplishing just that with all my sets!

Top Set: 1x4x465lbs - 88.5% of my new meet 1RM at 525lbs.
Drop Sets: 3x4x435lbs - 83%
9 weeks out!

Banging out some volume today at 6x6x245lbs @ 70% of my new meet 1RM of 352lbs. Volume is important for growth, growth is important for force production for powerlifting so let's accumulate some volume!

Top set (1x4x87.5%) at 425lbs
And drop sets at (3x4x83.5%) at 405lbs. #9weeksout

Full rest week is over and I am officially 9 weeks out from a Tested USPA powerlifting meet! That just means that I need to keep the neurological adaption that my body currently has from my last protocol but still add in some volume/stress into my program since I'd need to be able to taper off type of volume so I can peak into this meet smoothly 👌. -1x5x315lbs (90%)
-4x4x295lbs (84%)
The percentages are based off of my new 1RM at 352lbs that I hit at the meet two weekends ago.

Happy Monday! Massive fist bump to all those starting, starting over or just doing a little bit more this week. It means you didn’t give up. 👊🏼 ⠀

#persistuntil #success

Walt Disney was rejected 302 times by banks before one said yes for his idea of Disneyland. Colonel Sanders had 1,009 no’s for his chicken recipe before one yes. Both amazing stories of grit and determination, they had a lot in common. Persistence to never give up in adversity in it for the long game and had a driving passion for what they did. #nevergiveup #nevergivein #entrepreneur #positivethinking #hustle #grind #workethic #persistuntil #liveyourpassion #gratitude

It looks like my third attempt with a PR at 525lbs is going to make my head explode 😂💪👌

Photos got uploaded from the comp! Thanks Shaun for the great photos!
And He captured all the amazing faces powerlifters make! More uploads to come!!

Every successful business was once just a person believing in themself. Don't give up!

Always tell the truth and you can tell it the same way, every time.....
#mondaymantra #persistuntil
#yousucceed #winorlearn #la💋

Client Spotlight: 8 week transformation - I love seeing this type of progress! @samanthaclarke1809 used to eat at 1200 calories and did 45 - 50 mins of cardio each workout... and if she had time, then she would do resistance training. However, now she's eating at 1650 calories with Refeed days that goes up to 2050 with 265 grams of carbs with minimal cardio. -She's down 7.2lbs - 5 inches off of her waist
- 3 inches off of her hips
- Getting stronger in ALL of her lifts
-Learning how to trust the process and enjoying 265 grams of carbs in one day
Let's see what the next 8 weeks brings to us!

Because I am beyond than impressed with Marian's lifts yesterday; she did amazing! - She smashed a 281lb squats (16lb PR) - Crazy strong - 5lb PR with bench press at 159lbs! (Failed the 170lbs but it was beyond heavy with me just trying to lift it off for her... not too sure what happened with that especially since she's done 4x1x165lbs at the gym before with breeze)
-303lbs (11lb PR) for deadlifts with more left in the tank! Her main focus was getting into the 300 club so we did just that and called it a day!
I'm still mind boggled on the 281lb squat but I had that in mind for her 8 weeks out and we set the attempts good at her meet. @she_lifts_750

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