Our founder, Nancy Zeller, recounts her first time visiting Rwanda: "In 2013, after flying nearly 24 hours from my farm in the US to Rwanda, I landed at Kigali International Airport in the evening darkness and was met by friends who brought me to their farm on the outskirts of Kigali where my story began. I came to visit a dear friend, teach a group of Rwandan women more about natural dyeing and to experience Rwanda. .
"I awoke the next morning to the sounds of cows bellowing, roosters crowing and women singing traditional Rwandan songs. I opened the door to the courtyard and this woman was my first sight of Africa. The entire landscape was filled with color, earthiness, a farm in motion, and I felt instantly at home. .
"Since that morning in 2013, I have returned to Rwanda many times, meeting and working with the families, laying the foundation for teaching women an income-earning craft who have little opportunity otherwise to earn income, plus finding other ways to create entrepreneurial opportunities for the families we work with.
"Rwandans have taught me so much about hope, strength, forgiveness and to never, ever give up. As Rwanda-one4one continues to offer support the families we work with, I look back to that first morning and know there was always a plan in motion, I just had to see it with my own eyes. .
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What leads to success? That is a question all of us have stumbled upon at least once in our lifetime.

After conducting over 500 interviews across 7 years of research, motivational speaker Richard St. John narrowed it down to 8 traits that lead to great success. According to him, for one to reach their fullest potential, they ought to acquire all 8 traits.

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Friday Lessons.
Count your blessings and be grateful.

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Focus On What You TruLy Want Don't Get Distracted By The Shiny Things. #GettinGBackinShape. #StiLLNaturaL! #PLan ! #Persist ! #LongWayToGo.

Low energy but strong desire?? remember this: No challenge, regardless of how intense, is permanent. Tough times don’t last tough people do! #followthroughfriday #AWV #persist #courage #tenacity #drawfromus #yougotthis #persevere #dontgiveup #keepdoingit #mustaup #therewardwillbegreat

Tomorrow is the first day of fall and jasmine still blooms by the railroad tracks behind my house 🍂🍃 #fallyall

The creative process is so interesting to me — equal parts curiosity, hope, and frustration, with a necessary dose of persistence if you want to “succeed.” I’m still not sure whether this piece is done, or where it’s going but I know all of these things have and will continue to play a role. Important to remember, no matter what your field — especially the #persistence part! Now I just wish the ballerina in me would remember this! 💕
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Now begins these mornings when it's still dark before biking to gym for the morning workout. And it's going to rain today. Can't be deterred by the weather. My own force of will is the only impediment to my progress. #persist #thejoytripproject

What I was Wearing

was this:
from the top
a white t-shirt
and round at the neck

this was tucked into
a jean skirt
(also cotton)
ending just above the knees
and belted at the top

underneath all this
was a white cotton bra
and white underpants
(though probably not a set)

on my feet
white tennis shoes
the kind one plays tennis in
and then finally
silver earrings, and lip gloss.

this is what I was wearing
that day
that night
that fourth of july
in 1987.

you may be wondering
why this matters
or even how I remember
every item
in such detail

you see
I have been asked this question
many times
it has been called to my mind
many times
this question
this answer
these details.

but my answer
much awaited
much anticipated
seems flat somehow
given the rest of the details
of that night
during which
at some point
I was raped.

and I wonder
what answer
what details
would give comfort
could give comfort
to you
my questioners

seeking comfort where
there is
no comfort
to be found.

if only it were so simple
if only we could
end rape
by simply changing clothes.

I remember also
what he was wearing
that night
even though
it’s true
that no one
has ever asked.
. — Mary Simmerling
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Our coming soon page has been hanging out at claude.nyc since 2016. Each little brushstroke since then is representative of the ongoing work we’ve been doing behind the scenes, very much actively pursuing our launch, under a new, trademarked name, with our own formulas that are currently in the tail end of necessary PET and compatibility testing. Everyday we apply ourselves to the study of not only our craft, ingredients, formulation, general health and well-being, but to the industry and regulatory. We are on the umpteenth interpretation of copy, as we ( I ) keep making ‘drug’ claims such as ‘prevent transepidermal water loss’ ( OTC drug claim - no ) ‘support barrier lipids’ ( OTC drug claim - no ) and my favorite, ‘soothe aches and pains’ ( must be analgesic- no ). So, we are also working on a way to say what we want to say without getting into trouble 😉 @daisyboo17 asked me recently when I am planning on launching my skincare line. Well, time is a relative and subjective thing. Ive been creating skincare products in my kitchen for over 15 years. It feels like yesterday I poured my first balm, because the fun stuff goes by too quickly, & it feels like we’ve been managing logistics for a lifetime and are so ready to roll on out of the kitchen baby. To an extent we have, working closely now with a boutique lab who we adore and trust to help us scale our baby batches for production at their facility, as we don’t have room to do it all in our NYC apartment.
We are renovating inside the Claude site, built from scratch, redoing packaging, and most importantly, our formula babies are getting ready to step out into the world ( starting with USA ). Because we never stop, soon is always on the horizon. We move like water while the good ship Claudiana Beautanica charts the course to get us to land. Its been choppy, to say the least, but we hold fast, and will always. If you know that the true reward comes from hard work, commitment and tenacity, then you know us already. We’ve got a few remedies to soothe the aches and pains. And support barrier lipids. Theres antioxidant support too. See you 🔜 ⏳XX #claudianabeautanica #metamorphosis #persist #lovewhatyoudo

We're fighting to get through this weekend so we can get our hands on Nicole Tone's #LakeEffect next Tuesday!

Lake Effect follows an imperfect girl in a world where she's expected to be perfect, to forget what's happened, to shoulder the responsibility for someone else's actions. Lake Effect lets you know that you are not alone while exploring the steps one girl takes to save her own life.

Preorder your copy today and get ready for Tuesday: https://amzn.to/2xGS65q

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What a pain in the neck. @deannewmantattoos had it coming. #mandala #mandalatattoo #throattattoo 😈

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