The storm I’ve been in riding seems to be subsiding. Waves are less choppy and winds less fierce. Now it’s time to steer back on course or maybe switch gears 🌊

I would rather work and be tired than sit on the couch and be tired. ••
Even coming up as a youngin, I was always told to take a break, you work to hard. Hell, even today at work I was called the happy abstractor , always enthusiastic and never down. ••
This moves my point to mindset. If you have to work every day to provide for your family then why not be happy? Why not she extra amount of energy towards your job? Why not go the extra mile in work? ••
The choice is always yours. The way you portray yourself and how others view you will ALWAYS be up to you. You can have the worst luck in the world and nothing ever go your way, but if you remain enthusiastic about life that’s what they will remember you for, not the bad luck you have. ••
So my challenge for you. Take the next 2 days on this week and face them with a different mindset. Take all negatives out of your vocabulary. Wake up wanting to be successful and apply ACTION all day long. I promise you this, the difference in how you feel will be all the necessary needs to keep you pushing. ••
Because again, I would rather work and be tired than sit on the couch and be tired. Because at least progress will be made. ••

You've heard the saying "be careful what you wish for, it just might come true". I have learned the truth of this time and time again.
It starts by planting that little seed in your mind that is a #dream
Add #faith and it becomes a # belief Add #action and it becomes a part of your life, a direction.
Add #perseverance and it becomes a #goal in sight, a #motivator
Add #patience and time and it ends with a #dreamcometrue
It may be a #fitness goal, a #financial goal, a #spiritual goal #relationshipgoals or all of the above! Even if your dream is to live in a #castle surrounded by #birds and #butterflies and #flowers and #waterfalls and #unicorns ! Even if you have to #takethebullbythehorns and strap that horn on the unicorns head yourself!

Never. Never. Never. Give up. #divorce #perseverance #motivationalquotes #rebeccazung

"We all face adversity. We all deal with changes. But that's not what's important. What's important is how you're going to respond and whether or not we're gonna stand up to it. You control your attitude and effort, and you create your purpose."
(More than 7 years ago, Chris Norton got into a college football accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Because of his courage, resilience, and determination, he was able to walk 7 yards down the aisle with his bride on 4/21/18, his wedding day)
Click the link in the bio to watch @chrisanorton16's motivational talk on youtube!

Ok- before you go thinking I’m a nut-bar 🥜🍫 I want to clarify a few things...First, I don’t do this much because I think it’s necessary to lose weight or get fit, I do this much because I want to. I enjoy it! Second, I worked up to all this. Adding a little bit at a time. I started by just walking several times a week at night with my husband. We still do that only now I go to the gym as well. With the weight training I typically perform 4-6 exercises (depending on how I’m feeling) and I’ll do 4 sets of each, 10-15 reps per set with 45 sec breaks in between sets. I’ve found a good groove that works for me. Everyone has to find their groove so it becomes something you enjoy instead of a chore. Make it fun! Do exercise you enjoy. Start small and work your way up. P.S. I’m not a DR or a Trainer so this is not professional advice. ❤️

For anyone who is constantly hearing from the naysayers and haters in your life this is for you! Be careful not to internalize the doubt from people who try to tell you can’t do something because you will become your own worst enemy and naysayer. If you fail, SO BE IT. No one ever got to the other side without jumping first. @jedidahislerphd agrees with me so I gotta be right. 💜 Keep going my STEAM Sisters & Brothers! #STEM #STEAM #BLACKGIRLSINSTEM #PERSEVERANCE #TRIAL #TRIBULATIONS #PUSH #THROUGH

#fact These are one of my favorite pair of leggings just because every time I wear them, my husband says “Your butt looks good” 😜
I don’t think he even realizes so I’ll just keep wearing them every time I need a verbal reminder my butt looks good 😅😅🤣
P.S. Calves are #genetic haha I refuse to train them bc I was made fun of in high school and still get “oh my God your calves are so big” comments 🙄😩

Bali Waves 🌊
after being put thru the washing machine from a GIANT set that rolled in just as we were almost done with the long paddle out...(oh yeah, mother ocean I remember you and your power)
and then gaining enough courage to get back on my board and finally catch some waves during the epic sunset.

Thank you for allowing us to play and grateful for the humbling check in. Wow!
Lovin you @islandmemorypro for being my sidekick during these adventures around the world.
#bali #surfing #mindfulyounglove #motherocean #perseverance #canguu

🎉Welcome to the 200lb Club!🎉
Beat my 1 rep max by 5lb.
It's now 200lb 😂💪🏻
#gymboss lied to me about load, said it was 195. Then surprised me when I finished it.
#deadlift #deadlifts #deadlifting #deadliftform

Positive action combined with positive thinking results in SUCCESS! #Perseverance #MyNewBaby

🙏🏻 Hump day motivation 🙌🏻💪🏻 #qotd #perseverance #discipline

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