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is zayn on the endangered species list because he's one of a kind

Have you seen my latest bold makeup look? Comment 🎩 if you've caught up on my videos! This pic kinda looks like western "most wanted" poster lol🤷🏽‍♀️ #jackiewyers #JMakeupDay #perrieedwards #littlemix #nomoresadsongs

i might buy my little sister tickets for Harry's tour for her birthday even tho she's a complete douche to me i feel like i need to give back to her in a way

Harry has 20.2 million followers/ fans but only less than 10%? Of his fans will be able to see him damn.com

we should give her a name 🤔




ayeyaye the drama on twitter was so uneccessary. solo harries were arguing how ot4 stans don't deserve to go bc they don't support harry as much as solo harry stans do. and ot4 stans were saying they were fakies and how they probably went to 1D concerts too and just imagine harry they way like and not how he is. i like respect both perspectives but like in some cases you need to use common sense. ig commons sense isn't so common anymore ... and also, stop saying someone's going to flop. ok there are always going to be ups and downs in someone's careers. one wrong thing doesn't mean the end of the world. when people point out your weaknesses it's an opportunity for you to rise above. putting🗣someone🗣 down🗣doesn't🗣make🗣you🗣or🗣the 🗣person🗣you're🗣doing🗣for🗣better🗣! it's human to err and you can't start assuming things you don't know. and with the whole ships thing. there's antis and larries (and others too) but these too constantly fight. again, i respect both perspectives but just arguing or trying to change someone's opinion doesn't always work. and plus, use actual facts when your trying to prove something. don't try to embarrass yourself. be an educated individual and take initiative for any mistake you do. it's ok! it's 2017 grow up.

Baby is backkkkk‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ @louiscumlinson

Sounds like the hunger games

QOTD - Favorite book?
AOTD - Lol i don't read😹✌️
@perrieedwards #perrieedwards

Here's to my ex, hey look at me now! Yeah well I'm all the way up, I swear you'll never bring me down! ⬆️👋🏼 #littlemix #jadethirlwall #perrieedwards #jesynelson #leighannepinnock #shoutouttomyex #sotme

Perrie is so prettty. -Kay #perrieedwards

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