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Road trip. Stateline 12 rolling North and west Lonoke is on my mind. #roadtrip #oyfa #family #friends #Perkie

We all missed @perkiemusic so bad that we knocked out one of her beautiful tunes this weekend at @rockozocko 's birthday party. #Perkie

My ride 🚙 Tomorrow we are playing la pub in Newport. @petrol_girls #cardave #tourlife #petrolgirls #perkie

Wow. What a fucking journey that was... 3 and a half weeks, 44 sets of music at 22 gigs, 7 countries and 6000km later, we are finally home and gradually piecing our broken bodies and minds back together. We have all been hugely overwhelmed by the love, fun and intensity of the last month. There are so many people we want to thank that we couldn't possibly begin to name everyone individually, but thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, everyone who organised a show, invited us to sleep in their homes, fed us, watered us, came to a gig, bought some merch, had a friendly word to say to us, drank with us, and shared in the journey with us, we appreciate it so much. Our deepest love and thanks also go out to our amazing and talented companion, Perkie. Playing her songs every night has been such an honour and a joy, and having her around to brighten up all our lives every day has been such a beautiful thing. If you haven't heard what she does, please do yourself a favour and listen. We promise that you won't regret it.

After a long, long needed rest, we have an exciting and busy summer approaching with gigs and festivals in and around Austria, while in the meantime we add the final touches to our first full length album. It's gonna be a great year, thanks for being part of it.

Puddel, Michael, Kathrin, Georg and Bernd x
JC&TBD #jameschoice #jameschoicebaddecisions #perkie #touremotion #

ห๊าว ห๊าว 🐺🐺🐺 #perkieandpeeker #perkie #schnauzer

Thank you #perkie #jameschoiceandthebaddecisions #merex #steffi and #vinyldeptford for a wonderful evening last night x

Throw back to Freiburg the other day #autonomadstour2015 #Autonomads #perkie #hotasfuck

Tour, dogs and butts. Stolen from @perkiemusic #jameschoice #perkie #tour #eurotour


Bobbed a few more sketchy diy tunes up on my soundcloud and will be continuing to try and do so every day from now on. #soundcloud #diy #perkie #bedroompop #banjopop #dreampop #feelings

Things could be worse but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be better. Someone please take the rocks from out of my back and replace them with feather. Cause all that i see in this world is pressure upon pressure. There will ALWAYS be people that we will all miss forever #perkie

มั น จ ะ มี ค ว า ม ห่ า ง ห่ า ง กั น เ บ า เ บ า แ ต่ เ ร า ยั ง รั ก กั น ZₙₒₒₖₑᵣWₒᵣₗD ว อ น มื อ คี ย์ บ อ ร์ ด อ ย่ า ปั่ น Thanks for being with mom for now
#LoveYou #Perkie #พี่เกอร์ยกนิ้ว #ชเนาเซอร์ #เพอร์กี้กะพี่เกอร์ #Schnauzer #DogsLover #DogLover #Pet #Dog #Dogs #ZNOOKERWORLD

Captured by @villakula in the blazing western midlands heat yesterday. Merging into Ö,Erdöben, follow us down the tracks and to the water [full version on YouTube] . - XXII - Rays of hope challenged by the darkness
To move on is to let each other grow
Fantasy and smoke filled lungs
Promises to let you go
We can trust the strangest things
And fear the ones we know
I don't want to hurt you. #ördöben #exulansis #perkie #perkiemusic #banjo

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