Informative day at the first Perinatal Mental Health Annual Meeting at the @rcobsgyn
Looking forward to tomorrow

Day 29 Sleep
During pni and after my recovery I "lost" the ability to sleep. For over six years I managed on 2-3 hours a night, described myself as a horrible sleeper and thought it was something I would always have to live with. Just by chance I mentioned it (moaned about it) to Georgia when I was at Evolve. She did a very short piece of work with me to change my sleep strategy. That night I slept all night waking every hour or so. The next day she told me I was testing my new sleep strategy. The second night over 7 hours uninterrupted sleep. That was 18 months ago and I am still a master sleeper, I have more energy, I'm more productive and less short tempered. I love being a master sleeper.
Thank you Georgia

Day 28 Challenge
My biggest challenge is fundraising to ensure we continue to provide services for families affected by perinatal mental health.
Check out our local giving page and make a donation if you can. Thank you

Day 27 Random Act of Kindness
A small act of kindness can make a huge difference to someone's day, especially if that person is feeling vulnerable. Let's not be random with our kindness ... let's make it standard 💙

Day 26: Support
This social model of peer support enabled my journey from illness to wellness. I credit #MothersforMothers with saving my life and supporting my children through their early years.

Day 25: Music
Primal Scream ... Movin On Up
This track was played at my first son's funeral and at my second son's and my daughter's baptisms. It's the sound track to my recovery

I'm movin' on up now
Getting out of the darkness
My light shines on
My light shines on
My light shines on

Day 16: #Thingsilove
Little green shoes. In some circles I am knows as Maria Greenshoes 😂 If I have green shoes on all will be good

Very positive day representing #mothersformothers at the Local Maternity Systems Launch Event #bnssglms

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