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If you look closely you'll see one of the most rarest and mysterious creatures in the entire world the "Ilya" in its natural habitat. #photography #festival #festivallife #goforilya #laquinta #cali #california #coachella #roadrunner #work #perimeterops #perimeteroperations #production #productionlife #youaintboutthatlife

Day 18: I ❤️ Mondays #starkillerbaseoperations

Day 16: Festive Face Tats

Day 15: This lil moth hung on to me for over two hours during egress. I call him Schmomo. Happy Earth day! 🌏 #starkillerbaseoperations
Photo by: @megan_roseman

Day 13: The legendary @irondad0704 #starkillerbaseoperations

Day 7: The Daftest of Punks #starkillerbaseoperations

Day 4: Hitched #starkillerbaseoperations

Day 3: I "quit" beer in October but every once in a while I drink a brew with the homies. The consequence is 200 push ups the next day. #starkillerbaseoperations
Vid by: @jacquihaenn

Day 2: Work Hard, Laugh Harder. #starkillerbaseoperations

Day 1: Back with the desert homies. 😎 #starkillerbaseoperations

Day 22: Had a full on load out party to ring in my 26th year around the sun. I am so glad to be surrounded by people who constantly motivate and inspire me.
To witness everyone come together to sing me songs, write me notes, and wrap up the most hilarious birthday present really touched my heart. Thank you! You all make me feel special on a daily but thank you for making me feel extra special for my birthday.
And to two people I think of more often this time of year; my big brother Jeremiah and my grandmother Alicia. I know you both would be proud of me if you could see me now. It's because of you two and the struggle of losing you that make me strive to do my best every day. Thank you for existing and teaching me how to live my life to the fullest and for looking after me wherever you have been and wherever you may be.

Also thank you everyone for the birthday messages. Really feeling the love from everyone! You are all amazing! I am a grateful human. 🙏🏽

Day 19: Ran into an old friend! #deserttrippops

Day 16: Getting ready for the group photo #deserttrippops

Day 1: Load in #deserttrippops

I know not everyone made the picture, due to the last minute organization of it all. Regardless...I'd like to thank you ALL again. Thank you for the tireless hard work, for trusting and believing in this team, as a whole. Thank you for trusting and believing in me, as well. #perimeteroperations #gv #2016 #goldenvoice #coachella #stagecoach #tbt #throwbackthursday #deserttrip

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