Huge s/o and thank you to @2ndsole for allowing us to share some insight on optimizing recovery.
Recovery is a hot topic in the world of sports performance and rehabilitation, but something that we often see mishandled and utilized incorrectly.
Contrary to popular belief, recovery is more than Whoop bands and ice baths.
It’s a state of homeostasis. A mindset. It’s a subtopic of training that some may argue is more important than training itself.
We’ll be presenting on this topic again very soon, on one platform or another. Stay tuned.
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Simply incredible! If you ever wanted to see what the human body was capable of then look no further than the @crossfitgames

It was a week ago today when we were celebrating two top five finishes by @anniethorisdottir and @bk_gudmundsson of #iceland, and several outstanding performances by @frederikaegidius flying the flag for #denmark
These athletes never cease to amaze me! It is a true privilege to witness what they can put their bodies through and yet still perform what seem like astounding feats of human effort, event after event, day after day. The marathon row to time that they did at the end of day 1 at this year's Games is just one jaw dropping example.

What follows are the screenshots of each of the days events.
Congratulations to all of the superhuman athletes that took part in this year's Games and especially to @tiaclair1 and @mathewfras for smashing it once again #untouchable
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Congratulations to clients @vicfiamma013 and @mayararamaldes who finished 🥇 and 🥈respectively @chinachampionship this weekend. Very proud of the pair of you. Killed it 🤙🏽

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Packing up ready to go! Can't believe it's all over already for another year @crossfitgames 2018

Has been another epic week with the team and a pleasure as always working with @jamitikkanen of @thetrainingplan
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When a back to school party jumpy slide goes wrong...we got you covered! This application was for a hyperextension injury sustained to the right elbow. Thankfully with some help from @rocktape, Dr. Jacob will have his little girl able to start school with no worries. Sometimes it’s cool when your dad’s the doctor, too. 🤷‍♂️

C L I E N T S & C O A C H E S : @vicfiamma013 @mayararamaldes •••
Boa sorte to Vicky and Mayara who will be repping @reebokcrossfitasphodel and @crossfitcavaliers respectively (and yours truly) in Guangzhou at the China Championships Pearl River Delta Regionals this weekend. Looking forward to those podium finishes ladies🥇🏋🏽‍♀️

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Lather, wash, rinse, and shine like a champion. My first packaging project! Illustrated especially for @ionfounder_ad Post Training Face Soap, crafted for the athlete. You may have read about it in @womenshealthmag or seen on Amazon ;) I tried to create the icons to appear gender neutral since the product is universal for the male and female athlete. iON Performance Care also makes some serious bath salts especially for athletes with herbs and nutrients that leave your muscles feeling amazing! The founder is awesome and I am grateful to know people like him who motivate and inspire me plus keep me on my toes. Final product coming soon!
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How can anyone make doing a marathon row look so easy!? @anniethorisdottir keeping @katrintanja entertained AFTER breezing through a 26.2 mile row!! Pleased to see some AFS mobs happening beforehand. Great job 💪🏼 #legend #crossfitgames 2018
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Client Shoutout : Good luck to client @denisey__ as she heads off today to compete in the International Pole Competition with Pole Theatre USA in Atlanta, Georgia (@poletheatreusa) this weekend. Safe flight and enjoy 🇺🇸. Proud.
P.S. Don’t forget to do the post-flight and (shortened) pre-practice recovery drills ✌🏽

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@crossfit workout of the day (intermediate version)
For time:
50 dubs
5 snatches at 95 lb
50 dubs
4 snatches at 100 lb
50 dubs
3 snatches at 105 lb
50 dubs
2 snatches at 110 lb I took my time between snatches because you do not want to fail one of these lifts!!! Warm up for this workout:

2 minutes single unders
10×10m side shuffles
2 min each hip distraction
10 each side lateral leg swings
10 each high lateral step ups
5 each eccentric ankle dorsiflexion
2 rounds
10 side lying rotations
10 BTN prone PVC press
5 @birthfit functional progression #4 with kb
PVC Burgener snatch warm up
Build snatch all the way into final weight with singles, doing 10 dubs between.
If you're not ready by then, just go home!
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We are honored and proud to work with these two incredible people. This year presented many challenges for both these athletes, but their determination and work ethic persevered. Jessica and Cole are now back to the Crossfit Games for the second year in a row, and we will be cheering them on every step of the way!

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