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Describe your crush!
How does it get better?

1. Force yourself to get up, even if that means rolling off the bed and onto the floor (yes, I’ve done it). Trust me, some of the best days are the ones that feel impossible in the morning.

2. Put on your favourite outfit. Wear something you feel confident in, something that makes you feel good.

3. Put on some make-up. Cover up those dark circles you hate because they are constant reminders. Do what you gotta do to feel pretty, even if you don’t believe you are yet (you will one day). 4. Practice smiling in the mirror. Practice your “I’m fines” until you surprise yourself with its authenticity. One day you’ll find yourself smiling and you’ll realize that you’re not pretending anymore.

The key to it getting better is faking it til it is. You can’t find your place in the world when you lock yourself away from it. So go out there and show them what you have to offer. Watch new horizons expand before you and new opportunities arise. The life you want isn’t just going to fall into your lap so go out there and fight for it. You’ve got all the strength, courage and faith that you need inside of you…now you just need to find it.

love this so much! 💖
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Wow I just realized I have 2 more months of school left

Do you have freckles or dimples? I only have dimples ): (also comment something nice on my thiscrush link in bio cause I'm needy thanks ! )

so cool! 😍
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This is real?


this is another old prose piece. hope you enjoy it!

artist: @filthyratbag


Im sleeeeeep

Go comment on @accuratehoe recent pic to "call dallas" and I'll give u a #tbh & a shoutout (:

i love planes! 🙌
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“Just friends” but you’re still the most beautiful human I’ve ever seen
“Just friends” but I find myself reminiscing our first kiss way more often that I should
“Just friends” but even as I’m writing this I’m sitting on a bench we once hugged on and that’s all I can see “Just friends” but today you touched my hand 3 times and I swear I felt something, you must have felt it too?
“Just friends” but I always look forward to saying goodbye because it’s the only time it’s okay to hug you
“Just friends” but today you were sitting so close and it just didn’t feel right without you arm around me. You never did move to put it there though “Just friends” but it’s hurts when you talk about her
“Just friends” but I’m crying on a bus stop bench because it’s hurts so fucking much being “just friends”
“Just friends” but I’m still madly fucking in love with you

“Just friends”

Lmao so dead 😂😂

☀︎ am i stupid for feeling this way?

so true omg💜

He looks like Guy Fieri when there was still hope in the world

I forgot to watermark one oops but anyway im tryna watch PLL but my brother is crashing the wifi so I'm gonna slap him in THE throat

do you believe in aliens? i do!

what date is your birthday?
— 🥀
“Hell, how I wish you knew
that when we were lying outdoors,
under the stars,
and our two hearts
were beating the same rhythm,
they were both yours.”
— // 28 words poem

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You cared but not enough
#perfectsayings #fallinginsociety

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