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Can't wait for summer 😩
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do you like the way your voice sounds? -
"Take you like a drug
I taste you on my tongue
You ask me what I'm thinking about
I'll tell you that I'm thinking about
Whatever you're thinking about
Tell me something that I forget
But you might have to tell me again
It's crazy what you do for fame"

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favorite movie?

This is most likely the last post for today :0.
Q; who is your favourite actor
A; dylan O'Brien

fav social media app? -
You didn’t pack your bags in a hurry and leave in the middle of the night. You left slowly and I felt every second of it.
Our conversations grew shorter and shorter. I found myself thinking of all the things I couldn’t wait to tell you throughout the day instead of actually telling you; because we couldn’t get past a damn “hello”. And I remember I didn’t understand any of it, I didn’t understand that you had one foot out the door until both feet were out the door and you were gone.
Sometimes, I wake up wishing that you had just left randomly without warning, I wish you just woke up one day and left me but you didn’t. You dragged it out and I was dragged through it all and I felt every bruise and scratch that came along with it.
I think I noticed it got bad when you stopped saying good night, then you stopped saying good morning. I was no longer your last or first thought. You went from dying to see me to making excuses not to.
and it all hurt so much, It was like watching you take a step back from me every day until you were so far away that I couldn’t even see you anymore, you were so far away that I was starting to think that maybe I imagined it all, you couldn’t of been real. It can’t be real how someone can be right next to you holding your hand one day, then be so goddamn distant the next.
I don’t think I will ever understand how it happened, I remember there were small hints, like you stopped telling me to text you when I got home safely, and you stopped kissing me at red lights, and you didn’t glare at boys that looked at me anymore. but I never thought that meant you didn’t love me anymore. I just thought that when people were together longer, they stopped caring about those little things and those didn’t matter anymore but what I realize now is that the little things are what count the most. and I lost you the second I lost one of those little things.
— “You could tell a lot about a person by the way they leave you.”

Cut them idk 😂😂


especially at night

Hi how're you feeling today -
If you can love, trust, respect and support each other from a distance then you will be unstoppable once you are physically together.

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do you have any piercings?
countless times I pieced myself back together
by wrapping my joints with barbed wire,
hoping the wounds it caused
would mask the pain I felt inside.
bloody bandages do not disguise wounds
any more than lights conceal dark rooms;
stains only lit up what I tried so hard to keep hidden.
I have started to look back through these memories,
sifting through the dust that has settled
in the place where you once stood.
some days i try to search for your face in crowds,
yet i cant even picture your eyes in my mind.
I can’t breathe pressed between bodies in crowded rooms.
the air is too dry, yet this desert feels like home.
I know I must move forward, still my eyes keep drifting
back to you until it hurts to keep them open.
the rest of the world has gone black;
your face is the only thing I still picture.
a perfect personification of painful goodbyes.
— e.m.b

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as we grow up,
we realize it becomes
less important
to have a ton of friends,
and more important
to have real ones.

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