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dont try this at home headass💀
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comment an indirect to someone // book: milk & honey - @ripfairy -
"And if one day she doesn’t want to get out of bed don’t try to convince her to do so, instead open the window of the room and let the freshness of the day enter inside, make her hot tea and kiss her endlessly.
And if one day she sits on the ground crying her heart out, don’t wash the tears away and don’t tell her everything will be okay, instead hold her tight and let her cry into you until she stops. Then see how she will smile at you as if she is saying “thank you for being here, it is enough”
And if one day she pushes you away telling you to leave her alone, God never leave her instead hug her more tighter and tell her you will always be there.
And if one day she won’t say a single words, don’t ask her million of question, instead let the silence fill the room until she comes at you and kisses your lips slowly.
And if one day she is angry don’t yell at her, instead let her push you away until she kisses you with passion and anger, let yourself into her fingerprints.
And if she tells you she loves you, tell her you love her more, even though deep down you know she does. She loves you more.
But on God be good for her, make efforts to always stay and to never let her go.”

i like her necklaces! 💞
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So this isn't exactly a complete story, but it's part of one. It's a post-rape encounter. We give very little attention to men who are raped and women who are sick enough to commit rape.

I wrote this a year ago but never put it up. I saw it on my messenger as I scrolled through the messages I sent myself. I didn't edit it so you may see a few mistakes, sorry for that.

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Okay so today is a totally turning point day of my life. I secured third position in school. Omg i can't believe I did it. My earlier friends who used to score greater than me and bully me scored way below me. Karma is true u see! I am so so happy and would jot down all of my feelings soon. Gotta go. Love you Selly 😘

oh god

Poison IVY

this is when i start to lose hope

“I have never been anyone’s first choice. Not once in my life has someone ever looked at me and immediately wanted me. I am only ever someone’s choice when they can’t get what they want. That kind of thing guts you until you are hollow.”

Beautiful #quote seen on #facebook today!
Early to rise has some beautiful advantages to it. You see the world asleep, before everyone springs into action. When the world, for once is an oyster for birds, not intrusive humans.
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Don't wait for someone who doesn't wait for you nor pay attention to you. #justsaying #sad #sayings #love #hate #waiting #perfectsayings #perfect #beyou #beyourself #confidence #confidence #

hey so im still awake 💦😫😫 KILL ME

i dont like this but then again its 4 am and i just ate a whole heap of chipotle wait what am i talking about ok

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