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..and a sign of genius, according to science.
Stoked to kickstart this so very (im)perfect campaign for DIESEL #perfectionisboring #gowiththeflaw 🤙🏽

Perfection is boring: we all have flaws that make us unique! #gowiththeflaw #diesel #perfectionisboring #tbscrewneverstops

Take risks, catch the highest waves and ride them back to reality. Fits better with being adventurous! @diesel @d.i.e.s.e.l___hr
#perfectionisboring #GoWithTheFlaw #diesel #ridethewaves #beadventurous #love #onlylove #petartrbovic

"I'm not perfect I prefer to be special. Go with the flaw!" #GOWITHTHEFLAW #perfectionisboring #diesel #atletigolden

I difetti delle volte possono trasformarsi in pregi...ho imparato con gli anni a non essere permalosa, a ridere di me e grazie ad Ale a cercare di farmi fare delle foto decenti 🤔🙈 (perché non riesco mai a vedermi come vorrei e perciò odio le foto)...ho imparato a piacermi per quella che sono, basta non guardare nell'obbiettivo😎❤️ evviva i cambiamenti! #gowiththeflaw #perfectionisboring #disel #tattoo

Feeling the no make-up look lately #nomakeup #feelingmyself #feelingood #perfectionisboring

May be i am clumy.. my hairs dont stay at same place..may be i over react.. get in fight with my friends.. but when i take a step back i remember how beautiful is life..
Yes! I am imperfect.. coz
#perfectionisboring and #flawsarecool


Feeling the no make-up look lately #nomakeup #feelingmyself #feelingood #perfectionisboring

Truth time here: I'm not always perfectly on point with my meal plan 🙊🙈 ⠀

Over the weekend we had friends get married, I did indulge in wedding food and a glass of red wine, both of which isn't really on my meal plan. But you know what?! Tomorrow is always a new day to start back fresh. So today I hopped back on track and back to my meal plan! It's all about moderation.⠀

Having those off the meal plan foods and drinks is okay ...... IN MODERATION! no one is perfect! I'm not perfect! But that's okay! ❤️

I've never taken stock in my #astrological #sign. I get annoyed when people use it as an #excuse for #behaviors. However, the older I get, the more in touch with myself I become, I find that I #circle around a few #commontruths. 1. It takes me #forever to make a #decision. I do it silently but, once I make it, it's pretty final. Even if it means i am cutting someone out of my life. 2. I can see both sides of every #story. I have my own take on it, but I see it. 3. I do my best to live life #kindly. I'm not #purposefully mean or cruel. I detest those who are. That's not to say I haven't been either, because I have. 4. I #simmer. Sure, I make a #consciousdecision to be #happy every single day. I see the good in everything I can, #positivity and all that. But, I simmer. Any anger I have sits until it explodes. I've done my best to alleviate that by opening my mouth and saying what I think needs to be said, regardless of the popularity of my statement or opinion. I've learned to communicate; or at least I'm still in the process of learning. Which leads me to the last...one that's come up in conversation a few times and hit me recently. 5. #Balance. I need balance. #Chaos does not suit me. When I feel #unsettled, I am not at #peace. Of course, it's my job to balance myself out but in doing so, I need to open my mouth, redirect, or make a conscious decision to change my behavior. And I do. I #Libra the hell out of my life and I'm a happier person for it. I'm just about to hit 41 and I'm more comfortable with myself as a person that I have ever been. Maybe it's beginning to see my #truth, maybe it's learning to accept myself, maybe my #basketoffucks has truly been emptied. Whatever the reason, I don't really care. #perfectionisboring #positivevibes #writerlythings #stuffithinkabout #workinprogress #libraseasoncomingsoon 🤷‍♀️♎️💛

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