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To be beautiful, means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. 🙇🏽‍♀️👑🖤. #me#blackgirl#perfectasiam#versuchgarnichtdemidealzuentsprechenduschaffsteseynicht

This Day I decided to live! I decided to be free! Every since I had my son I've been a little body shame💁🏽. Not anymore and it feels good. #lifestooshort #blessed #perfectasiam

I'm a bloody Queen, there's no taking me down ⚡️👑 #warmwinterday #butterfly #queenlydia #perfectasiam

...If you don't have a Valentine on VALENTINE'S Day don't be sad,most people don't have AIDS on World AIDS Day as well..#PerfectAsIam #KilichoshindikanaKwaWanadamuKwaMunguKinawezekana #TusihofuTutapendwanaMungu..!

this post goes out to anyone who struggles with body image issues. ✌🏽 last night i took a dance class ((amazing fun, got my life)) but i kept getting distracted by my reflection in the mirror. i kept thinking - who is that person gazing back at me? in other dance classes i've taken during chemo i was quickly able to shift my mindset when i looked in the mirror & saw a stranger as my reflection - to be in awe of my body that was working so hard to heal. but last nite was different. 😑 i was annoyed. irritated. and i was huffing & puffing as i was bouncing an extra 15 lbs of chemo weight around, & struggling to keep up. the old tape started playing in my head about my belly being too big, blah blah blah. so this morning i decided i would flip the script & put the spotlight on my full belly, & LOVE HER UP. i've struggled with belly issues my whole life [the programming is DEEP]. always thought it was too big, first place to gain weight. funny how it works that way, huh? i'm learning how to embrace what is. learning how to love what the world taught me is ugly. learning to be cool with seeing my extra chin shake in all her glory. rocking my bald crown. and embracing every moment i have left with my breasts & ovaries ((😿)). i'm curious, what body parts do you struggle to love? what do you do to embrace them? do you talk about it openly with others? ✨

🎶: @hossamramzy Hossam Ramzy - West Naima ✨
#loveyourself #bodypositive #breastcancerinitiate #bellydancer #bodyprayer #shadowwork #perfectasiam #loveisthemedicine #dancechurch #fuckprogramming #inmymelos #baldandbeautiful #hossamramzy #drumsolo #bodytemple #chemotherapy #chemosucks #dancemedicine

having a salad is a great idea if you're hungry and want to stay that way... having a green week to pimp up the energy level to get power for more shadow pictures 😍Snart helg😘#health #healthyfood #perfectasiam #energy #greensmoothie


This photo documents my very first (yes, there are others) #metoo story. The following is going to cause controversy in my family - as all of the stories I have verbalised so far have. Regardless of the consequences, I speak up for myself as much as for all the women who are yet to find their voices. This is an incident I have never really spoken about before. As was the habit with my family, it was swept under the rug and not discussed. I was 8 years old. Let me repeat that, so it sinks in: I was EIGHT years old. I had been admitted to Nambour hospital, whilst on a family holiday, with severe dehydration. I was weak and could barely stand up without assistance. My mother was helping me undress so I could hop in the shower, just as she'd done the previous couple of days...and this is where things take a turn in my story. I was naked when I heard a 'click' sound and saw a flash go off from the corner of my eye. When I turned my head, there was my FATHER, holding a camera in his hand, and grinning as though he'd just told the best joke in the world. I was in shock. Somehow I managed to ask if he'd taken a photo of me, to which he replied he had. I told him I wanted the negative reel pulled out (this was the days before digital cameras). Can you guess how he responded? He laughed, told me I was being silly - "it's just a joke!" - then proceeded to take another photo. I started to cry and tried to hide behind my mother (I was weak and couldn't move fast). He continued to laugh and take photos. I became hysterical and begged him to stop. He did...once my mother finally told him to "stop being silly and leave her alone". I cannot remember how many photos were taken, but I do remember the feeling of utter helplessness, powerlessness, and vulnerability that stayed with me for a major part of my life.
P.S. the film WAS developed...and it was me who cut up and threw away the photos. Yep 😐 #metoo

Dear diary, my hoomans have been forcing me on death marches twice a day. Morale is low. On the bright side I try to eat as many rocks as I can. #ihatewalks #perfectasiam #englishbulldogsofinstagram #englishbulldog #englishbulldogs #rollsonrolls

Never a failure,always a lesson!

Strong is the new pretty!

Coz if you don't have long locks fake lashes and look the buzz you aint beautiful are you ..... I call it bullshit ..... I'm perfect coz my husband says so ...... So there 😘👌 #dontcare #imme #loveyourself #browneyedgirls #browneyes #darkeyes #pout #redlips #snapchat #snapchatfilter #feelinggood #perfectasiam

Abso fucking lately!!!!!!! The best advice I could ever give my girls is never ever let anyone make you feel like your not. Everyone has flaws but everyone deserves respect and love#worthy#perfectasiam#flawsandall#positive#happylife#happiness#love

Clearing my house out. Aside from the containers (which are there because the shape of them bugs the part of me that likes symmetry), in this photo is all of my makeup and hair/skin/cleaning products that aren't made from natural ingredients. Last year I decided I wanted to stop wearing makeup or using products with highly processed materials. This is me finally following through on that plan. Also donating my scales and heels and any clothes that I wear to please others instead of being what is comfortable for me. I know that trying to be like someone else only attracts people who want you to be someone else. I want people to see me for exactly who I am. Hence all these posts etc (friends who know my myspace days know this is just me being me 😂) #coobercasey #soultribe #plantbased #environmentalist #beyourself #loveyourself #perfectasiam

It's time for a new me. Time to change the things that hold me back from being exactly who I long to be. Time to be strong on my own and love myself for all my flaws and demons. I'm stuck with myself, it's about time I start loving every single part of me. ❤️❤️ #androgynous #androryan #blackhair #newme #newandimproved #perfectasiam #forevermyownnumberonefan

So I stepped right out of my comfort zone last Sunday and went on a photo shoot with these gorgeous ladies to Chalkney lakes to spread a really important message. That your body is perfect just the way it is. No plastic surgery, no airbrushing of photos to hide any wobbly bits,flaws or stretch marks. Just showing women as women should be! Natural and proud of their amazing body's just as they are. You only get one body so love it. #girlgains #luvurbody #perfectasiam #justasiam #bodyconfidence #empowered #empowerment #myamazingbody #mindovermatter #innerpiece #innerbeauty # beautifulme #loveyourself #luvyourself #acceptance

Lol @buzzfeed. All these webmd emails telling me I'll eat more with bigger plates. Pshh not with my stacking skills. #stacking #smarts #fatguy #perfectasiam #webmd

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