Some photos of Gwyneth in the filming of Iron Man, 2008. -
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lowkey wanna ask someone to homecoming-liz✨
“You’re not allowed to go. i don’t care what you say, it’s final.” Tony crossed his arms, daring you or Peter to argue. You swallowed your pride, nodding miserably. “Fine.” You walked back to your room, Peter’s yells echoing throughout the hall. “Mr. Stark please!!! I’ve had my powers for two years now! Stop treating me like a kid! I can go on missions too! How else am I going to learn???” Minutes later, you heard the door to Peter’s room slam loudly. Peter was usually cheerful, but he seemed to get irritated whenever Tony wouldn’t let him go on a mission. You agreed, you’d had your powers even longer than Peter, but there was no point in fighting it. For the past two years you had been constantly arguing with Tony about going on missions, but you had yet to go on a major one. Less than ten minutes after the rest of the Avengers left to fight, a loud, insistent banging sounded at your door. You had your earbuds in, so you didn’t notice Peter shoving the door open and plopping down on your bed. “Y/N. Y/N.” He tapped your shoulder urgently. “I’m going, whether he likes it or not.” You yanked out your earbuds, sitting up straight. “Are you insane? you and I both know we’d never survive out there.” Peter stood up, looking a little hurt. “Then don’t go. It’s fine. Stay safe.” He started walking back to his room, most likely to his room to get his suit on. You sucked your breath in, only half regretting what you were about to say. “Are you crazy? Of course i’m going. I have to protect your dumbass anyways. And how could I pass up a chance like this?” Peter grinned, cheering up instantly. “Great! Be out in five!” You pulled on your black suit, thinking about what you had just done. “What if Tony’s right? What if we can’t handle this? What if Peter gets hurt?” You ran out the door, suppressing your worries. “Hey.” Peter turned from studying the mission details to look at you, gaping when he saw the skintight catsuit against your figure. “Okay Peter, didn’t your Aunt May teach you it’s not nice to stare?” you teased lightly, making him blush even harder. (continued in comments)

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this took ages lmao uh no hate but we know who’s superior 🤪🤪💗.
if it flops i’m reposting lol
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ac: i’ve forgotten i will find out.
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