My beautiful girl got a shiny new collar today, thanks @minty_le_fish !! #blacklab #pepperpots #weegreybeard #mygirl ❤️❤️🐶

“ apparently I got the face of an angel but the personality of the devil. Hah! I think just all devil “ — CB

“ I got stuck with a partner on this job. And I swear if I have to split the pay. I’m giving myself a bonus and smash his head off concrete “ — CB

Hot hatch sai GTI-vanteet alleen 💪
#peugeot #205XS #pepperpots

Think it’s about time to get the daddy of fiestas out to play again the mk1 xr2 #xr2 #fiesta #ford #mk1fiesta #pepperpots #blackcar #80shothatch

Sorry we’ve been so quiet folks but our human admin / opposable thumbs owner has been on holiday. Very rude. Anyway here we are, looking super excited to have her home. 🙄😂 #pepperpots #brucebanner #love #cute #fluffy #floof #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catstagram #instacat #instaragdoll #instakitty #catlover #crazycatlady #ragdollsofinstagram #ragdollsofinsta #ragdollsofig #ragdollcats #ragdolls #ragdollcatsofinstagram #ragdollsworldwide #petsofinstagram

You haven’t felt a hug like this from your dad in a while. It was different than a nice to see you again it was more familiar from when you would have to move and leave your life behind which you have had to do a few times. You forgot Peter was still there until you turned around. You saw Peter being rushed off with a team surrounding him in suits.”Peter!” You called out and he looked back at you and gave a reassuring smile.”Time to explain” your dad turned you around to the building and started walking you there.”Me and the rest of the avengers need to go on an emergency mission” “What does that have to do with me”I asked with a sly attitude”y/n I don’t know if we’ll be coming back” You thought No no no you have already been through so much you where numb to the thought of losing your dad or even Peter. You looked up to the doors of the building and walked in. You immediately sat on the couch. People were running all around you but you didn’t even notice.”y/n I have to go now I love you and if I don’t come back Pepper will take care of you” You didn’t even look up,you couldn’t. Before you knew it the building was silent. No one was running around. You forgot that just minutes ago you were with Peter. Then you felt a soft hand on your shoulder. You looked up expecting Pepper but it was Peter he gave you a quick kiss and said,”I’ll be back y/n I love you” You watched as Peter raced out in his Spiderman costume. You heard a voice behind you,”Wow someone’s got a boyfriend now?” The voice was so familiar. You turned to see a smiling Pepper. You hadn’t seen her in years since you were a kid. That’s when you finally broke. Years started to pour and she pulled you into a hug.She was always so protecting over you and would even play with you when you were small. You had to leave one day because it wasn’t safe to live at the facility anymore and you never saw her again until now.you two never exchanged goodbyes. It’s like she was reading your thoughts”aren’t you glad I never said goodbye” she spoke still in a hug. It felt good to have her back and for a moment you forgot your boyfriend and father were off in some fight that could kill them.”y/n come with me”she spoke

“ finishing a job and getting your pay check and going home to your cat every night is the best feeling in the world. Change my mind. I dare ya “ — CB

Hattie had a go at cleaning her shoes 👀🤭😘 @duxky_ #retro #retrobeast #mk2 #pepperpots #redthingblackwheels #Fiesta #ford

Just to prove we aren’t always on the sofa.#pepperpots#kevkirk1

“ I’m not afraid to get bloody...in fact. I find it quite pleasant. “ — CB

Hello! This is the oc I once talked about!
His name's Connor Stark.
He's Tony's and Pepper's son.
He's pretty stubborn and cocky and hates the question: “Wait.. Are you iron man's son?„
He loves birds and owns a Major Mithel's Cockatoo named Bots.
Connor's smartest in his private school. He's very good in science and chemistry. He's not bad at robotics, but he finds it boring. He didn't have the chance to meet the avengers yet or he just doesn't remember meeting them. He loves black widow and he's having self defense classes.
Does he have superpowers? Maybe.
#ironman #pepperpots #tonystark #anthonyedwardstark #pepperony #marvelsona #oc #originalcharacter

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