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для кого-то это потраченное зря время, а для меня это кайф! утро, кофе, лавочка, плеер в ушах, притонцовочка левой ногой, и наблюдать за людьми. Если вы прочувствовали атмосферу - мы с вами на одной волне. ставь 👍🏻 в коммент. А кто скажет: наркоман что ли? иди на работу! ставь всё на паузу и послушай этот трек на репите! 🤠#peoplewatchingforfun #stayhungry #stayfoolish ****************************

Cool Sunday at the food truck festival... even though mom didn't buy me the pizza cone 😒 #peoplewatchingforfun

...what are they really saying??
#sorandom #peoplewatchingforfun

Checking out the new local ☕️🍴#doricstcafeandkitchen #peoplewatchingforfun

I miss Washington D.C 👁#peoplewatchingforfun

I was people watching and this was the result #peoplewatchingforfun #art

Symphony in the Park. With the VSO. #inmyhappyplace❤️ #peoplewatchingforfun


We agree with all of the above!😄 How does coffee help you!?

Today I had a day to myself. I enjoyed a long over due coffee and chat with my mom in the morning then headed to the Apple Store. In order to fix my battery Apple had to have my phone for 2 hours
Normally this isn't a lot of time, however today it seemed like forever. Maybe it's because I had to unplug and for once...sit...quietly...by myself. There was no one to text, no one to call, nothing to read or scroll through. No mindless entertainment to bury my face in

I went to lunch...I mostly watched people out the window. I walked around, enjoyed the beautiful day by the splash pad, thought about stuff, window shopped and had coffee. I had to ask people for the time...this seemed weird. I wondered if they thought it was odd a stranger was talking to them

I did A LOT of people watching. There were a ton of kids out today and I was really missing my son. Days alone are rare. Days unplugged and alone are like unicorn rare. Maybe its because we spend so much time together that I miss him when he's not there or because I had nothing to fill the void. Either way the quiet break today made seeing him, hearing his laugh and getting kisses that much sweeter. My heart is full today.

I miss Washington D.C 👁#peoplewatchingforfun

Mommy forgot her keys again so we can't get inside our house, but we get to play at the park while waiting for Daddy to come get us #win #peoplewatchingforfun #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram

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