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Overlooking the city of Hobart, Tasmania on a moody (cold and windy) autumn morning. Too bad the light didn't pop on once, not even for a minute. I like this city really much though, especially for its amazing food and local beers!
I remember 3 years ago when I was in town during the Taste of Tasmania festival! 🤤
Shot last weekend for #Leffe .
#LeffeRoyale #Royale

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Model: @rachelc00k
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View across the waters of Stockholm! We're also celebrating a very special birthday tomorrow any tips on where we should go to eat??🎉

"I& #39;m usually wearing a hat so this right now is an exclusive look. Oh and I'm clean shaven too, damn man you're just getting all the exclusive looks right now..." ---------------------------------------------------------- I'll take what I can get man. This project is helping me see a side of people that most don't get to see. It's also helping me learn about things I would have thought to even consider. Almost done with phase 1 of project though.

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Want a chip? 🐋 @mylifethroughaviewfinder_

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Varvet på Beckholmen

So I might have opted out of going to the gym last night in favour of laying in bed and binge watching Grace and Frankie and I definitely don't regret it!😌 _____________________________________________________________ #thismonochromelife #gastown #mygastown #beoakandfort #mensfashionpost

I see you👀
Q. What would you choose: To be as fast as Flash or as politically correct as Captain America?👀😂

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