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As a mom, wife, and creative entrepreneur I'm always looking for other women to inspire me. I've tagged 6 diverse ladies who do that. As a woman myself and as a mother to a daughter, I love to see women succeeding, forging their own paths, setting trends, bucking trends. And I'm so grateful that since I don't have everything ever all figured out (no surprise!), that there are women out there lighting the way and blazing trails. From healthy eating to business savvy to financial responsibility to marketing genius to minimalism and beyond I've tagged 6 women that I've found a lot of inspiration in. I read their blogs. I can only hope that as my daughter grows up & keeps reaching for more than the door handle that she'll know what women are capable of. A quick note as to why each of these ladies inspires me:
1. @caitflanders blog inspired me to try a shopping ban & really made me mindful of my shopping and spending.
2. @shannaskidmore's course "pricing for creatives" is genius *and* she quit social media for a year and has taken to other business building methods which is so inspiring.
3. @heidijswanson Makes my favorite recipes on the internet, her style is always ahead of the curve, and she has wonderful blog posts on the entire cookbook writing process.
4. @darcybenincosa encourages dropping the shame around money and talks openly about it which is a huge help and relief! Her posts are empowering, encouraging, and are manifesting gold.
5. I just recently discovered @paperandoats, and I'm obsessed with her clean design and business acumen. I just signed up for her free course and plan to look into more. Plus her story is enough to inspire anyone. She's a single mom that's killing it.
6. @minimalistbaker's IG stories alone are genius + I'm fascinated by how they found freedom from sponsored content & developed other revenue streams instead. And the food! Simple + nourishing.
Who inspires you?
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it's this beautiful human's birthday, make sure you send @robintuck1 some love today⠀
aside from being my best friend and favorite human, I'll forever be grateful for all the lessons you've taught me along the way: courage in the face of the unknown, risking everything to chase your dreams, and the fact that doing what you love is all that matters at the end of the day. ⠀
I love you like a British person loves tea.. and crumpets.. and corgis 🐶❤️

I used to be the type of person who held on to things too tight, unable to let go of anything or anyone, even if it hurt me. I always told myself that holding on to something that no longer made me happy was worth all the pain, at least it made me feel something. I thought that by letting go, I would be losing a piece of myself, and by doing that, I would eventually become someone I didn't even recognize. I always knew that eventually I had to let go of all that had been holding me down, and once I did, almost instantly my soul felt lighter. Instead of it being filled with hate, or anger, I realized that some things in life aren't meant to be. Some people are not meant to stay, and some people are meant to simply be there to teach you a lesson. You don't need to cling to someone to make yourself feel whole, and that the things you thought were worth fighting for, were actually not worth it at all.
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Day 44. Kuala Lumpur. A wonderful temple, incredible buildings, and for the first time after 44 days I drank an italian coffee in Petronas Tower. All the feelings today. ⛩☕️🌇
Giorno 44. Kuala Lumpur, Malesia.
Oggi ho ribevuto un caffè italiano. Per la prima volta. Dopo 44 giorni.
Oggi ho ribevuto un caffè italiano. Uno vero. Un solo sorso. In una tazzina piccola, bianca, con il manico. Di quelle vere.
Oggi ho chiuso gli occhi, ho odorato quel caffè. Mi sono tenuta quel sapore in bocca. Quel sapore di casa. Oggi ho provato ad immaginare che luce ci fosse in Piazza del Duomo a Firenze, sul Lungarno. Oggi mi sono chiesta come sta la nostra casa, che non è più nostra ma chissenefrega, perchè per me rimarrà sempre la nostra, anche se non ci potrò entrare mai più. Oggi mi sono chiesta cosa sarebbe stato sentire l'autunno sulle spalle, prendere un treno ed essere a casa dei miei genitori. Avere lo stesso fuso orario di mio fratello, con cui non abito più da quando lui era ancora piccolino, ma che porto sempre con me (sulle dita ho solo anelli che mi ha regalato lui, tra cui uno che è costato 3€, ed è per me il più bello).
Oggi ho sulle spalle il peso di una decisione forte, pazza, importante. Oggi vorrei mangiarmi una pizza, bere l'acqua dal rubinetto.
Oggi vorrei, ma non posso, perchè tutte le decisioni grandi pretendono dei compromessi. Un salto nel vuoto, senza avere paura.
Guardo il tramonto su Kuala Lumpur. Ho ancora in bocca il sapore del caffè.
[perdonatemi il mio essere nostalgica oggi, sono fatta così. Kuala Lumpur è fighissima, merita molto di più. Ma oggi ho bevuto un caffè italiano, e il resto vien da sè.]
in foto, il tempio cinese Thean Hou, un capolavoro da non perdere.
Buona giornata a tutti!
With a Lot of Love 💛 - #likemiljian

And.... throughback Nami! 😍

Early morning Kerid Hikes.
I love #Iceland.

If you are too comfortable, it’s time to move on. Terrified of what’s next? You are on the right track.
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Осінь - це казкова пора...🍁🍂🍃
Для мене особисто, це той час, коли все довкола стає яскравим та багряним, листя стає таким чудовим, а особливо для мене, бо я обожнюю бігати по листю і радіти, неначе ота маленька дитина.💁👧
Я люблю осінню пору за те, що в цей час весь світ потрапляє в якусь нібито особливу країну, в якій все таке гарне та неперевершене.🎑🍂🍁
А ще в цю пору року у мене день народження, тому моя любов до осені, збільшується ще в двічі.🎊🎁
❤Любіть осінь, бо кожна пора року по-своєму особлива, і ніколи такої осені більше не буде в нашому житті🍁🍂🍁 #insta #igmasters #vscocam #mblgrphy #igerskiev #ig_worldclub #vscogrid #igukraine #huntgramukraine #exklusive_shot #igerspoltava #mextures #makeportraits #visualsoflife #igerslviv #инстаграмнедели #lifeofadventure #liveauthentic #vscoua #instagood #peoplescreatives #photooftheday #portraitisreligion #rsa_people #rsa_portraits #portraitmood #vsco #huntgram #postthepeople#follow

My Italian blood is feeling right at home in wine country #Tuscany #mcgetaway

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Pumpkins!!! I'm back...just in time for everyone's favorite seasonal Halloween fruit
Model: Charlie

Breathtaking trip to Panama by @daniel_ernst

Beneath the peak by @anatole.marin // Tag #travelvibesmag

Anyone going to Hawaii? Take me with you 😍😍 #moodyfilm .
✴ Photo by @michaelflugstad .
✴ In frame @sonoratmw .
✴ Selected by @lapposnaps

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