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My hometown. I love it here! Potential for lots of growth

It is bitter sweet to think of it this way. But I am and have always felt extremely lucky that I still have my father in my life at 35 years old. Bitter because there are still things that haven't been worked out between him and I. Things that might never get worked out while we are on this planet. But so sweet that I have the opportunity to tell him I love him every time I see him, even if sometimes I don't mean it. I have had many friends who have lost their father's at very young ages, father's who loved them. And I have had friends who have lost children. My heart breaks for them deeply today. As a child and a father, I say happy father's day to everyone who has lost someone that they truly love.

I am humbled today (father's day) by what has been given to me by God. I have a wife that loves me, and children who adore me. Life is good. And I am blessed to lead and love this family.

Potential flyer for the new classes. We are working on a program for children diagnosed with autism. We're calling the program unique little heroes. Let me know what you all think

Landscape mode of the first boxing coaching experience I had. Great crew of warriors and a great space. Also I got to coach beside one of my best friends @no__manifesto. Cheers to counter for counter. I wish I took more pics bro

We celebrates father's day early this year. My wife's birthday is on the same day. She spent all morning making eggs benny with some incredible hollandaise sauce and mamosas with home make strawberry syrup.... mmmmm! I feel like o woke up in the matrix. Thank you @veronica89ng for a beautiful father's day morning

This is home and where I train

Preparation of equipments for this weekend’s Long Distance triathlon race.
Bike and concerns were already on the spot.
I slid out this transition bag from my closet for the first time since ITU LD world championship last year.

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Oh my goodness this place rules! I love it here.

This is home. I love it here. Time to get a move on

É tbt que se chama né?... rs ...Essa representa a alegria de estar participando de um Campeonato Mundial (Penticton/ Canadá 2017) . Daqui a 2 semanas estarei levantando minha Giant novamente agora em terras Dinamarquesas se Deus quiser 🤗 #mundialchegando #fyn2018 #penticton2017 #thiagocaldas #tbt #multisports #triathlonbrasil

Teaching the jab through interception with a couple local young warriors. @darrenj.ramsay. the beginning stages of Combat Athletics

Teaching Madison the concept of interception. The second shot is the moment she grasp the before, during and after timings...

I love where I live.

A little something something from my wife. I'm very loved. Thanks baby @veronica89ng

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